Country Delight vs Amul Milk: A Comparative Analysis of Dairy Products

Country Delight vs Amul Milk

Country Delight & Amul are both popular milk brands in India but Amul is the largest milk producer in the world. Amul is a 76+ years old milk brand that was founded on 19 December 1946 by a small dairy farmer. Amul has India’s largest distributor network which can help to sell their milk products all over India. Right now, Amul sells its products only offline market. They have zero presence in the online market.

On the other hand, Country Delight is an online milk brand which was started its operation in 2011. They will provide doorstep delivery of the milk products. Country Delight doesn’t sell milk products in offline stores.

Milk Purity

Country Delight & Amul products are pure as compared to other local brands & online brands. Country Delight & Amul both are India’s largest brands in Online and Offline markets. There is no doubt about the quality of the milk.

Country Delight & Amul milk is pure and directly sourced by the local farmers of India. Both brands have the largest factories which can help to sell their milk products within 24 hours of milking.

Milk Cost

There is a big difference when you have compared the prices of both brands. Amul milk is affordable as compared to Country Delight milk. On the other hand, Country Delight milk products are costly 30% more costly. There is one reason for this high cost; they will deliver the milk product to your door without any delay. You don’t need to visit the local market to purchase milk products. Apart from that, they have spent lots of money on their marketing and advertising campaigns.

On the other hand, you have to visit the local market or milk booth to purchase the milk Amul brand. Amul is not delivering the milk products to your home.

Is Amul Milk Better than Country Delight?

There is no doubt that Amul products are better as compared to other brands. Amul is India’s largest milk producer and sell its milk products in the country for more than 76+ years. Amul has an India 63% market share of milk products.

Country Delight Milk vs. Amul Milk?

There is no doubt; you should go with the offline option to purchase milk for yourself. Offline market milk is affordable and less expensive as compared to other online milk brands. Amul is a 76+ years old brand in the country. On the other hand, country delight is 13+ years old brand in the country.

Apart from that, Country Delight has spent lots of money on its marketing & advertisement that’s the reason the milk products of country delight are expensive.

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Is Amul Milk Better than Country Delight?

No, both milk are good.

Is Country Delight Milk more costly than Amul?

Yes, Country Delight Milk is costly because they have spent a lot of amount on their ads and marketing.