Top Milk Dairy Chains in Delhi NCR

Milk Booth

India is the world’s largest producer of milk and also the largest consumer of Milk. India was producing every year 140 million metric tons of milk for their largest consumer. It was a non-negotiable part of our daily breakfast. Apart from that, it is good source of Vitamins and minerals for our body needs. In this article, I’m going to cover some famous milk dairy chains in Delhi NCR location.

Mother Dairy

Mother Dairy is a largest producer or leader of milk product in Delhi NCR religion. This company was set up in 1974 under the operation food. Mother dairy have 66% market share of Milk in Delhi NCR religion. Apart from that, Mother dairy have more than 1400 retail outlets in Delhi NCR religion.
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DMS Dairy

Delhi Milk Scheme is a chain of Milk supply in Delhi NCR location which was established by the Govt. of India on 1 November 1959. This milk chain was inaugurated by the then President of India Rajendra Prasad and Prime Minister of India Jawaharlal Nehru. This milk chain produces other milk products like butter, Ghee, dahi, paneer, chhas etc. DMS is a second largest milk chain in Delhi location and have more than 600 booths and 500 other outlets.

Ananda Dairy

Ananda is a one of the leading brands for Diary product and has been established in 1989 by Radhey Shyam Dixit. Ananda have more than 350 dairy stores in Delhi NCR. Ananda dairy have 10% market share in Delhi location and focus to capture more than 30% market in Delhi.
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Paras Dairy

Paras is a other leading milk dairy chain in India which was established in 1987 under company’s name VRS Foods Limited. This company sell various types of milk products like UHT milk, flavored milk, dahi cup, dahi pouch, paneer, ghee, chach under this brand. Apart from that, this brand is a country’s largest producer of cow ghee under its brand Govardhan. Paras dairy have few store in Delhi NCR as compare to other milk brands.

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Goodhealth Industries Pvt. Ltd

Goodhealth Industries Pvt. Ltd is another leading chain of dairy milk product in India. It was started in 2018 with its headquarters in Rajouri Garden. This company dealing into Dairy products, Desi Ghee, Cow Ghee, Livlite Ghee, Dairy Whitener, Dairy Creamer, Skimmed Milk Powder, Fresh Cream, Fresh Milk etc. This is well known brand with the name of “Dairy Best” in Rajasthan as well.  This company have plant in Saharanpur and also in Softa, Haryana.

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Amul milk is 74 years old milk brand in India and have India largest milk outlets. The Amul company sells various types of products like milk, brand, cheese, paneer, ice-cream, ghee, chocolate, cookies etc. on their outlets. Unfortunately, Amul have few outlets in delhi NCR but they have sold their milk products in the local Kirana stores.

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Yakult is a Japanese probiotic milk beverage brand which was established in 2005. Yakult manufacture and sell probiotic products in the Indian market last few years. Yakult sell 1 Pack for Rs. 70 and 1 pack contains 5 bottles of probiotic milk. Yakult have various milk outlets in Delhi NCR.

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NutriMoo, Gowardhan, Go Milk & Sudha Milk brands are the top list in this milk industry but currently they have not own dairy booth in Delhi. They are selling their milk products by the Delhi local general stores that is why I have not included these milk brands in my list.