Best Sanitary Ware Brands in India


Buying a new house is a dream come true for most individuals. Gated community homes are sought-after by buyers as they are posh, come loaded with multiple amenities and offer standard fittings. While most people might be happy with the standard fittings provided, many choose to customise their bathroom to suit their style and preference. If you are building your own house, then you can get a head start on designing your bathroom to your own preference.

Most modern houses are designed and decorated based on a central theme, and these themes extend to the washroom too. Your bathroom style can be contemporary, Rustic, Eclectic, Victorian, Modern, Industrial or something else entirely. Whatever style you choose, you want to make sure that while the bathroom appears stylish, the fittings are functional, leak-proof and easy to maintain as well.

Just like the bathroom style, you can choose from multitude of fitting options. Indian market now has all options available right from the humble showerhead to the jazzy Jacuzzis and more! International and Indian brands alike offer quality products and numerous options to choose from. Too many brands and options can surely make your head spin, about which is the best bet to buy your bathroom fittings from. To help you make sense of the multiple brand options we have curated the list of top 10 Sanitaryware brands in India. These are the brands that offer lots of variety, unmatched quality and best in class after sales service. So you can shop your Sanitaryware from any of these brands without a second thought.

Presenting the top 10 Sanitaryware brands in India, in no particular order!

Top 10 Sanitaryware Brands in India


Best because: Kohler has a complete water-saving range of products. Go Eco-friendly with Kohler! AquaPiston Flush patented by Kohler helps you save water with every flush, making your toilet not only eco-friendly but also efficient, in the times of water crunch.

Based in America Kohler is present in all 6 continents inhabited by humans!

At Kohler you can buy showerheads, hand showers, kitchen faucets, toilet seats, vessels, wall mixers and all other bathroom accessories from any of the Kohler’s retail stores or from Amazon too! They provide various options on each of their products. For instance, you can choose from sliding, swinging, openable or pivot shower doors as per your space availability.

Depending on your theme you can choose the product finishing from stainless steel, rose gold or even French gold that help you elevate the finish of your bathroom interior.

Customers love their products for easy cleaning ability, 100% leak-free and seepage-free designs and various customizable options provided by the company.



Best Because: TOTO has been servicing humanity for more than a century!! How many brands can beat that! 100 years of experience helps them deliver unmatched quality and finish.

Choose anything from their vast range of products including faucets, showers, lavatories, toilets and air baths. You can be 100% assured with their product designs- the proof of which comes in the form of awards received by this manufacturer. They are the proud winners of the ‘iF Design Award’ in the year 2019 which puts them in the top category as this award covers A-Z of product design.

They also received the Green Good Design award in 2016 assuring customers of this brand’s enhanced sense of renewable energy, eco-innovation, ecological-based designs and sustainability. It is not wrong to say that one trust TOTO’s Sanitaryware on design and eco-friendliness with their eyes shut!



Best Because: Aquant offers International Quality at affordable prices.

International brands that ooze style and class are attractive to one and all. But these do come with a hefty price tag too! Not all of us would like to spend the kind of money international Sanitaryware brands demand for their luxurious offerings! But what if an Indian, Mumbai-based brand offers the same style, finish, elegance, longevity and features apt for the Indian people at an affordable price without compromising on the quality? Sounds perfect! Perfect has a name, its Aquant! At every stage from designing to manufacturing Aquant ensures quality standard are maintained. Each product undergoes rigorous QC. Even faucet handles are checked not once or twice but for more than 5, 00,000 times for perfect working.

Quality is not the only thing Aquant offers, they have some truly unique product offerings too. Wash basins made of Onyx, Stone and even wood! I never would have believed if I would not have experience the same myself. Washing hands in a wooden washbasin is a surreal experience. If you are designing an industrial theme bathroom, a concrete washbasin might be a good fit for you! The company has recently launched a wide range of bathroom fittings in attractive finishes such as Matt Black, Rose Gold, Graphite Grey, Gold, and Matt Grey. The company has two display showrooms in Mumbai and Pune with a network of Flagship dealers across all major cities of India.

Asides from the major bathroom fittings, they also offer allied products such as bath chairs, mirrors, channel drainers and health faucets to elevate your entire sanitaryware experience. These give you a complete makeover to your bathrooms. If you have serious doubts on how the company manages to do all these at an economical range they are ready to share their secret behind this too-no distributors or middle men who seize most profits. Streamlined supply chain and just-in-time inventory system are their secret recipe.



Best Because: Something to suit every budget & Style!

Duravit gives you the freedom to choose fittings depending on your budget-anything from medium, upscale, exclusive or even premium. They even leave it to the customer to decide upon their style choices-would you like the bathroom products to mirror sophistication, contemporariness, classic or modernness? Exclusivity is the trademark of Duravit. Individual’s needs and comfort differs with growing age and this company manufactures age-appropriate bathroom fittings that needn’t be changed as you grow old.

Using the bathroom during nights is a pain but Duravit makes it as comfortable as possible with its night-light programs- LED lights that help you walk around without interrupting your sleep. The lights glow in your toilet seats, shower or mirror cabinets too. And you know what! No more irritation of switching on/off lights with soapy/wet hands as they have touchless control mirrors and mirror cabinets that come to your rescue here. The brand caters to the needs of wheelchair-bound people too with modified shower trays.



Best Because: They offer unique products for a guest/small bathroom! A much required range for most modern Indian houses, which are low on space.

Every brand wins a couple of awards but VitrA cannot stop receiving awards in every category. Since its inception in 1950s the company has reformed and surpassed its own achievements with innovative designs and ideas that cater to current needs as well as equipping itself with enough ideas to capture future market with designs that anticipate future scenarios. The company exports unmatched bathroom fittings, products as well as accessories including bathroom furniture to countries around the world, all of this by ensuring safety to our environment. Finished products meets quality expectations but the process involved never disturb the ecosystem-the production units save maximum power, water and energy. Their products too including WC pans, urinals and faucets save tons of water aptly suiting current water crunch scenarios.

Choose your preferred style themes for bathrooms- chic, eco-friendly, modern, timeless or even for guest bathrooms with various different designs, colours and features available from each product category. The company constantly keeps updating its designs at the innovation centre where a team of people strive to redefine form and function.


American Standard

Best Because: Hand showers that work even in low water pressure! Enough said.

Design your own bathrooms even if you are not an interior designer with American Standard’s SD design tool and a 360 degree VR view. Start your day with happiness and fulfilment by using this company’s products that guarantee hygiene, elegance, simplicity, easy clean and sophistication. Do your kids hate to bathe? Give them colour choices to choose their hand showers-green, grey or pink? The company is the proud winner of the red dot award for its classic hand showers that avoid low water pressure (a big problem in our country). The polycarbonate material makes it durable for a lifetime!

The company has all the latest technology in place coming up with bathrooms that are not only beautiful and comfortable but are also safe and clean. This is possible with the use of double vortex and siphonmax flushing technology, hygiene and power rim technology, aqua ceramic use that enables anti-stain cleaning and antibacterial cleaning killing germs using zinc oxide.



Best Because: Best in class customer support.

Awarded as Indian’s most trusted brand, this is also the first Indian brand to make its presence at the global bathing fair at Germany. All their products are designed by global designers who never compromise on anything but the best for the Indian customer in terms of finish, material, safety, ergonomics, environmental impact and functionality.

Looking to purchase shower enclosures, hand showers, faucets, WC pans, spas, steam solutions or accessories for your bathrooms? Jaquar has got it all covered. The company uses the latest innovation and technology to come up with a range of products suitable for every theme or decor. Customer support is this brand’s forte as they have an established team of highly-knowledgeable technicians who can come up with quick and simple solutions to your problems. But this shouldn’t be necessary mostly as the products are of high quality.



Best Because: Junior WC & basins at affordable prices! If you have kids you will appreciate bathroom fittings for kids that don’t break the bank.

This Indian brand has been working tirelessly for more than three decades to bring comfort, hygiene and style accessible to all across our country. Made in India and Made for Indians, Cera has the largest single location plant complying with latest technology options such as low pressure die casting machines, automatic chrome planting unit and many CNC and automatic polishing machines.

This brand ensures performance; quality and incessant innovation and all its products are now CE complaint too providing customer safety, hygiene and product safety. Choose from their range of products that include kid-friendly and options for specially-abled people too.



Best Because: They are proud to be India’s only sanitaryware company recognized by the Ministry of Science and Technology, India.

Successful in sanitaryware business for more than five decades Hindware is one of India’s top 500 companies delivering excellence through continuous innovation. The company produces each of its products including water closets, wash basins, urinals, showers, accessories and more only after designing every piece individually at the R&D centre using advanced technology.

Special kid’s series and specially-abled person’s series are available to meet the demands of the youngest and the oldest living generations in our country. Young couples and middle-aged people can choose from their unique bathroom themed concepts for added sophistication and comfort.



Best Because: We all used this as kids! Parryware is a part of our childhood memories!

This is a brand that resonated well with all classes of people establishing their presence in various niches such as toilets, faucets, basins, bath tubs, shower spaces and more. As their logo suggests, this brand is ‘Always in Fashion’ owing to their core values including trust, affordability, quality and service. They offer a variety of design themes that suit the needs of every type of customer. The company even enhances your purchasing experience by giving tips for making the right choice in terms of ease of cleaning, safety and pricing.

The brand promises good quality products that come with a great warranty period and uncompromised customer service. This Indian-based company has reached every nook and corner of our country with its top-notch customer satisfaction and designs that are in par with a diverse category of people. Choose Parryware if you want quality, affordability and style too.

Now that we have listed our top 10 Sanitaryware brands, here are a few pointers to help you purchase the right bathroom fixtures and furniture.


Keep These in Mind before Finalizing Your Sanitary ware

There are a few important things that would help you choose the best sanitaryware for your house and these include:

Size: Buy products that fit seamlessly within your bathroom. You don’t want to go bumping around products in your bathroom. Choose compact sanitaryware for small bathrooms as otherwise the bathroom could easily get overrun with too big fittings and features.

Style: We live in a modern world where there are auto-flush toilets, anti-germ protection toilet seats and washbasins that come in varied designs and styles. Choose products depending on the styling of your other rooms too-contemporary, modern, eclectic, etc. depending on your overall house design.

Ease of Clean: It’s great to buy sophisticated products and glittering basins but always remember to understand the feasibility of cleaning it. This is not a one-time use thing and your fittings must assure ease of cleaning without which your life could become a living hell.

Durability: This is an extremely important factor to consider as you would be using the different bathroom facilities not once or twice but multiple times daily. Your basins, toilets and shower options should be durable, sturdy and made of high-quality material that doesn’t corrode or break down. Avoid sharp-edged fittings that could require extra precaution while using them every time.

Go on shop for your bathroom fittings! You are all set to make the right choices.