Options in Caring for the Elderly

Caring for Your Parents

Caring for an elderly relative can become a burden if you don’t know where to find help. There are many options when deciding how much and what kind of aid your loved one might need to make their golden years comfortable and fulfilling.

Senior Housing

If your parent or grandparent needs more help than you can provide in your home, you will need to find a place where they can live full time. There are many variations of senior housing. Some complexes are more like apartments with doctors or nurses who make regular visits. Each senior is mostly independent although there are often organized games or activities and shuttle busses to local businesses. At the other end of the spectrum is a nursing home that is staffed full time by health care professionals. The tenants eat in a cafeteria and sometimes share a room.

Professional Home Care

If you can keep your loved one at home but still require help, a good option is a company like home health services Floral Park NY or in your town. This type of business provides nurses, aides or physical therapists who come to the house. You decide how much help you need. A once a day or once a week check-in may be enough. Another option is to have a nurse who will sit with your loved one at night in case they need help, allowing you to get a good night’s sleep.

Assisted Home Care

The least intrusive option for the most able-bodied relative is to make a few changes around the house so that your senior can get around as comfortably as possible. Install a few extra safety items like grab bars in the bathroom and make sure there are non-slip coverings on floors and stairs. Provide your loved one with an alarm necklace in case they fall and are not near a phone.

Your needs change and continue to change as you age. Plan ahead for what situation will best suit your loved one stay happy and well cared for.