What Games Are Adults Playing


Gaming has long been associated with young people but there is a new demographic that many people overlook: adults are playing games too! Gaming is very much a time-consuming activity, especially if you’re into MMORPG (massive multiplayer online role playing games).

But gaming doesn’t just have to exist on video game consoles or computers, these days we have mobile app games for casual gaming, games on your SmartTV and even gaming in the work place to encourage productivity.

And many adults are now being introduced to gaming mechanics via the use of Gamification of our daily lives work places. Once you get a taste for the gaming satisfaction, adults feel more comfortable playing games than ever before.

Whilst video games are billion dollar industry, adult board games are one area that is continuing to have new content produced for them. Whether it be drinking games for social events or games that involve role playing like dungeons and dragons. Board games are very popular as it helps adults escape from their over-taken technological lives.

Mobile phone app games are also increasingly popular. With a few clicks, you can have a full-blown game downloaded to your phone for free. Games like Candy Crush earned billions as adults were hooked on playing the game during their commutes or lunch breaks.

Even traditional companies that focused solely on video game consoles are turning to mobile gaming. Nintendo have moved into the mobile market with games such as Pokemon Go and Super Mario Run, all earning hundreds of millions in revenue.

Traditional games such as Call Of Duty, FIFA and war games continue to be popular amongst adults too. Call Of Duty recently entered the free-to-play market with it’s Call Of Duty: Warzone battle royale game that allows players to fight on an island based on previous locations in the franchise.

Whilst games like Fortnite and Minecraft are targetted at young people, many adults, especially parents, are also playing these games to keep up to date with what their children are into. Playing a game with your children is a great way to improve relationships too as it introduces team-work mechanics, cooperation and bonding over a form of entertainment that both people enjoy.

There always has to be balance with games as you get older and life responsibilities become more important. For adults who are used to playing hours and hours every day gaming, giving that up can be a struggle at first.

If you enjoy playing games as an Adult, what games do you feel are overlooked and don’t get enough attention? What games would you recommend for adults to play if you wanted them to experience something different?