Different Types of Lawn Equipment Provided by Lawn Suppliers


Do you love gardening? Do you dream of having a perfect lawn? Well, if the answer is yes, then what matters most is the care and maintenance of the lawn. The best way to do that is by using the right set of equipment, all of which can be easily accessible by lawn suppliers. Before using the lawn equipment, do check with the lawn supplier and the manufacturer regarding the proper ways on the use of a lawn care equipment to ensure safety.

Here is a list of some of the basic lawn maintenance tools and equipment provided by lawn suppliers which can be used both for planting as well as maintenance.

Landscape Rake

They are also known as leveling rakes, which are majorly used for leveling the soil prior to the plantation and also for sowing seeds. A landscape rake is available in wooden and stainless-steel heads and long handles. One can even use landscape rakes to give a smooth finish to the land.

Drop Spreader

A drop spreader is the best equipment to use for sowing seeds and for adding fertilizers to the ground. With the help of drop spreader, one can drop seeds or fertilizer into a plastic hopper, which is a basket-like structure and then roll the spreader across the patch of land for cultivation. When buying a drop spreader from a lawn supplier, it is important to ensure that the hopper is sturdy with large holes so that the seeds can pass through, wheels are durable and handle is at a comfortable height with proper grips.

Turfing Iron

Turfing iron is a tool that is used to remove turf from lawns. It consists of a sharp point for cutting and an angled handle which is used to produce level pieces of the turf.
Rain Barrel

The rain barrel is traditional but one of the most effective techniques to give adequate water to the soil. This equipment can be really helpful at the time of plantation when the soil needs to be watered more frequently. Lawn suppliers consider this to be the most useful gardening tool.  Before buying a rain barrel, do check its capacity. If you find it difficult to lift heavy objects, then better buy one which is smaller so that it can lift the objects comfortably.

Lawn Mower

Lawn Mower

Another essential tool for any lawn is the lawn mower. They are becoming popular among gardeners as it the best way to mow a grass when it grows big and feels spiky. Lawnmowers are of two types- traditional push-me and electric powered lawn mower. In traditional one, the level of human effort is high as compared to electric powered ones.  Electric powered ones are cheaper to maintain and are eco-friendlier as the emission level is low. Before using a lawn mower, get the manual from the lawn supplier to ensure that all the necessary precautions are taken to avoid any mishaps.

String Trimmer

This is also an important equipment which is used for trimming grasses, especially long grasses. They are excellent to be used for areas around fences, walls, walkways, tight-corners etc where mowers can’t reach. String trimmer cuts the blades of the grass using a nylon string which rotates at a very high speed. It is recommended to buy string trimmer from a recognized lawn supplier.

Good quality lawn equipment and tools are essential for maintaining a beautiful lawn. Choose the best tool from lawn suppliers for your lawn among the tools mentioned above and ensure that you buy them from renowned lawn suppliers who can make the lawn care easy for you.