Different Types of Men’s Cufflinks


More often than not, most men unknowingly overlook the importance of cufflinks as they are usually treated as a small accessory in relation to the rest of the outfit. However, no tie can even claim to take the place of a stunning pair of cufflinks when it comes to adding that extra finishing touch to the suit. Their supreme opulence, superb versatility, and timeless elegance make cufflink the default choice for bringing finesse to men’s attire across the globe.

Different Types of Men’s Cufflinks to Buy

Bullet Back Cufflinks

One of the most common cufflinks you can possibly find, Bullet Back Cufflinks are universally known cufflinks that have been embraced by gentlemen globally for decades. These cufflinks include a metal bar that attaches itself to the cufflink’s bridge. The metal bar, having a bullet aesthetic, can rotate 90 degrees so it can easily pass through the cuffs. If you want to rotate the bullet vertically for an easy transition, you can simply pass it through the sleeves. Once it has successfully passed through, you can simply rotate the bullet horizontally to make it secure.

Whale Back Cufflinks

Based on a similar concept to bullet back cufflinks, Whale Back Cufflinks include a 90-degree rotating bar that is attached to a metal bridge. The primary difference between Whale Back Cufflinks and Bullet Black Cufflinks is the fact that Whale Back Cufflinks usually have a short and rectangular thick rotating bar that can be vertically removed when the cufflinks are required to be slid on. Conversely, they can be rotated horizontally so that the cufflink stays secured in its place.

Fixed Back Cufflinks

Fixed Back Cufflinks don’t have any movable parts and you slide through the sleeve’s cuffs without making any kind of adjustment. Fixed Back Cufflinks generally have a discernible back and front as one side will usually be bigger than the other. The biggest advantage of Fixed Back Cufflinks is that you don’t have to make any kind of adjustments while embracing it.

Ball Return Cufflinks

Ball Return Cufflinks include rounded fixtures on both ends as a variation of the fixed back cufflink. This cufflink doesn’t require any adjustments and can easily operate in the same way as a fixed back cufflink. The primary difference between Ball Return Cufflinks and Fixed Back Cufflinks is the fact that it has ball fixtures on both sides and one side is usually bigger than the other. The smaller side constitutes the back of the cufflink.

Chain Style Cufflinks

Chain Style Cufflinks have a flexible bridge that is used to connect the front and back ends of the cufflinks. Both ends are bridged by a small metal chain that slides through the cuffs’ holes. This style of cufflinks is usually not very common when compared to other types of men’s cufflinks. These cufflinks are generally decorated on both sides.

Calibre Cut Cufflinks

Calibre Cut Cufflinks can be defined as a special type of men’s cufflinks that have square-shaped precious gems so the rest of the gems or stones can be fitted within the space. Calibre Cut Cufflinks are usually used for creating the window panel effect on the cufflinks. These cufflinks are available in different shapes and sizes.

Fabric Cufflinks

If you are planning to visit a social gathering, you just cannot miss out on the Fabric Cufflinks. Very much similar to silk knot cufflinks, Fabric Cufflinks has a fabric button on its front face.

Torpedo Cufflinks

Also known as push-through cufflinks, Torpedo Cufflinks has one side more decorative than the other side of the cufflink. The plain clip sides through the shirt cuffs’ holes and can be twisted to fasten them.

Swivel Back cufflinks

Longevity, proportions, functionality, and materials are the prerequisites of the swivel back cufflinks. These cufflinks come with a balanced texture and color pattern and these cufflinks are one of the biggest reasons behind the unmatched popularity of cufflinks over the past decade. The swivel back cufflinks are once again making a comeback and can be purchased in different kinds of materials such as pearl, platinum, steel, gold, silver, among others.

Silk Knot Cufflinks

Silk Knot Cufflinks are quite similar to the chain cufflinks as they tend to have the same basic structure as chain cufflinks. Also known as elastic cufflinks, these cufflinks are made up of silk knots instead of a metal base. Made up of silk threads, Silk Knot Cufflinks have decorative heads on both ends of the cufflinks and it is their irregular surface that makes them special and unique. So why not buy Silk Knot cufflinks for a change?

Reversible Cufflinks

How about buying a single pair of cufflinks and use them as Reversible Cufflinks? This is exactly the advantage of Reversible Cufflinks that offers you two choices to select from.

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