Engineered Flooring: Perfect Substitute for Wooden Flooring


Wooden flooring is extremely beautiful when it comes to style, but rather costly for some people. Not everyone is economically stable to buy wooden flooring, especially the timber one. Now you can choose the engineered flooring as a substitute for timber flooring. It is primarily known as manmade product and you can easily paste the floor materials with some adhesive. This is cost effective and you can also renovate your floor within few hours only.

What Are the Attractive Features of Engineered Flooring?

For manufacturing such flooring options, layers of ply are used and bonded together. The top layer always has to be of solid wood, to give that rustic look to it. The top layer is primarily termed as Lamella and it gives that convincing wooden look to the entire flooring.

  • Durability is always in: People always think wooden flooring to be best. However, there are certain changes, which you might want to consider first. Wooden floor is durable but engineered flooring is more long lasting in this regard. It is manmade in nature, using certain chemicals and materials, which makes the floor even more durable than before. The top layer is made out of pure wood, but the middle and lower layers are of other materials like plywood. It gives the right texture and perfect strength for covering daily work well. This floor can easily bear the heavy foot traffic and you can easily maintain the same in a normal way.​
  • Better for the environment: Just because you are trying to beautify your home, that does not mean you won’t pay heed to the environment. Wooden floor is made out completely of wood, and it takes time to regrow a plant for more wood. On the other hand, only the top layer of engineered flooring is wooden ones and other layers are not. So, if you calculate this feature and try to focus on the best environment friendly flooring option, then that has to be the engineered ones for sure.
  • Cost is always a top-notch priority: Buying a house and decorating it takes a lot of time and money. You cannot just be sped lavish amount of money. So, people are always on the lookout for those products, which are significantly better and won’t even cost you much. If you are currently on the lookout for such an option, engineered flooring can prove to be an interesting option to check into. The products are durable and come with low-maintenance features. That helps in saving some more money in future, as you don’t have to pay much on manual labor to maintain the floor.
  • Versatility you cannot ignore: You have every right to use engineered flooring for covering basement region. You cannot do that with solid wooden flooring as this option is more sensitive to water and moisture. Engineered ones, on the other hand, are not like that, and can withstand water for long without hampering the quality even a bit. That shows the versatility, which only an engineered floor will possess.

Always the Best Substitute:

Even though previously people had a soft corner for solid wooden flooring, but due to the environment and other features, they are inclining more towards engineered flooring. It is extremely easy to get yourself engineered items and without even costing much from your side. That’s the power of manmade floor for your house, which comes in style and versatility at its best. Now you can find various textures in the market and you can choose the best textured engineered flooring for your house.

It is suggested to install this flooring with some trained professionals and you can also buy and contact the manufacturers of engineered flooring from their official portals.

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