Protect Your Liver and Keep It Healthy With Livitup


According to World Health Organization, Liver diseases are the 10th most common reason of death. Liver is the second largest organ in our body and fights with infection, regulates the blood sugar, controls cholesterol, and removes harmful toxins and help digestion. We can’t survive without the liver and it can damage if we don’t take proper care. Drinking Alcohol can increase the risk of liver diseases and liver damage. When alcohol reaches the liver, it produces a toxic enzyme which can damage your liver cells. It will also dehydrate your body. LIVitup! is the best medicine to deal with liver diseases and remove the risk of liver failure.

Hangover Shield and Liver Protector – LIVitup!

LIVitup!is a unique Ayurvedic medicine which will help you to reduce harmful toxins and acetaldehyde (derived from Alcohol and Guthka consumption). This product is natural, safe and has no side- effects to eat it. This medicine has been approved by the Indian FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and is available for sale. This medicine is prescribed to be consumed beforeyou attend a party. Know more at:

This medicine is priced at INR 80 per pack (Five Capsules) and is available for online sale on Amazon, Nykaa, All Ayurveda, 1mg, Pharmeasy, Netmedsand Dr. Vaidya’s website. This product is available for free delivery in India on order over INR 500 on If you have any query related to this product, you can contact at +91 9167710709or email .

LIVitup! is a must have product for every wedding occasion. Today, no wedding is complete without a cocktail party. But we often face a problem of guests waking up hungover, tired and late the next morning and often missing the morning function. LIVitup! will ensure this problem is avoided. The packets can also be personalised according to the # of the occasion. (couples name, couples #, destination’s name). LIVitup! also provides official LIVitup! Hangover Kits which can be customised according to the customer’s needs.

The best way to have a ready supply of LIVitup! is by purchasing a PARTY PACK. One party pack must be at home all the time. It is an essential for every house party. The PARTY PACK contains 10 packets of LIVitup! And can be purchased on the same websites. Use coupon code PARTYPACK15 to avail a 15% discount on the party pack on

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