Fashion Tips That Can Bail Out Heavy Set Women and Make Them Look Smart

Fashion Tips

The way fashion trends have shaped our consciousness; it is not unnatural that heavy women usually feel very insecure about their looks. Even though you have extra weight, there is no reason why you should not look good. Instead of hiding underneath a pile of fabrics, you should choose clothing that flatters your shape with the right fit and are in a color that looks good on you. Use funky accessories to complement your new look and you will find that you are really beautiful when you look in the mirror. Some very effective methods that heavy-set women can use to look great:

Buy Clothes That Fit Right

The most important thing when you want to look good is to choose apparel that flatters your body instead of trying to hide behind layers of shapeless clothing that only serve to make you look larger. Look out for tailored pieces that work well with your body contours and help to highlight your curves. Typically, dresses and tops that are nipped in at the waist work very well because by defining your waist, they tend to make the lower and top halves of the body appear proportional. Picking clothes that are too tight will only reveal the rolls of excess flesh that you want to hide and clothes that are too large will make you look larger than you are.

Opting for fitted clothes that are long and extend beyond your hip serve to create a streamlined and smooth body silhouette that is likely to make you appear thinner. Make it a point to avoid clothes that end at the widest part of your body like the thighs because the hemline stretching across the area can make you look wider. Clothes, which end above the hip, act to elongate your legs and reduce the degree of stoutness. Pants that are either flared or straight-legged can reduce the appearance of thigh thickness and streamline your looks. Wearing boot-cut pants help to balance the upper leg width with the extra material at the leg bottom. Dresses and A-line skirts that flare at the bottom create a very flattering silhouette for the heavy hip area. Since stiff fabrics tend to create a rather boxy look that adds to the feeling of heaviness, it is better to choose fabrics that are soft and drape smoothly over your curves but stay away from clingy fabrics that can accentuate your contours and make you look heavier.

Choose Good Undergarments

The importance of good undergarments cannot be overemphasized. Many people think that what cannot be seen does not matter; however, undergarments that fit properly and give the right support will provide the smooth figure that is essential for building the pouter layer of clothing. Another big impact of wearing flattering lingerie is that you get the extra confidence that is necessary to carry off your clothing even if you are on the heavier side. A body shaper can be a very good investment as it can keep your proportions in check. Ensure that the body shaper is not too tight as it will then leave marks on your body; a good shaper will be just tight enough to give the body a streamlined look by keeping the bulges under check. Because heavy women tend to also have heavy breasts, it is vital to purchase a bra that gives the right amount of support and lend a feminine look while a bra that’s too loose will let your bust sag unflatteringly. Explore the BabeAppeal website for an amazing range of bras for different dresses and occasions.

Wear the Right Colors

Different colors have different impacts on the way you look so you need to be careful in choosing the right colors as well. As a rule, you should stay away from patterns and colors that draw attention to the widest parts of your body; however, you should not be hesitant about adding a splash of color where it is needed. According to letsexpresso, mixing and matching colors rather than a monochrome color scheme works better for overweight women. While black is the color that women with figures try to adopt because of its slimming effect, too much of it can lead to the appearance of being bleak and bland. The addition of a little color into your clothes can’t add to your glamour quotient. Heavy women should look to wearing colors that are bold because wearing light colors can make you look larger. The best effect is obtained by using solid color blocks because they do not have a widening effect. You can think about wearing dresses with a dark color panel on the side as it gives an elongated look to the body.

It is very important to avoid large patterns that cover the entire outfit as they can end up being overwhelming and masking your curves so that you appear heavier. If you must use patterns, stick to ones that are small or are restricted to just one part of the body. Similarly, you mustn’t use embellishments on the areas of the body that are the widest. Ruffled shirt fronts or decorative zippers on the side of the thighs act to draw attention to the body parts that are already heavy and do not need further attention. Instead, try on smaller adornments like beaded neckline blouses or skirts with laced hemlines.


After having ensured that you have picked the clothes with the right fit and in colors and patterns that make you look slimmer aided by the right lingerie, all that is left is to accessorize your outfit for the best effect. When you are short, it is a good idea to give yourself a little more stature with a pair of heels that make your legs look longer and your figure slender. Bold and chunky jewelry can be very easily worn to make a statement regarding your personality without letting them overwhelm you. Adopt hairstyles that take in to account the shape of your face and are on the longer side and accentuate your eyes with mascara and eyeliner so draw more attention to your face than the rest of the body.