Dubai’s Property Market: A Mine of Opportunities For Investors

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If you keep yourself updated with the information regarding various investment options available in the international market, then you may now about one of the hottest markets for property-Dubai.A beautiful desert city, having some of the amazing sky-scrapers and which is a must visit destination considered by every traveller, will definitely attract the investors around the world. But are these the only factors accounting for Dubai’s lucrative real estate industry? We guess no, because there is much more into this.

Famous among all the Potential Investors

Dubai’s real estate industry is on the top of the list of many big investors around the world. Its real estate transactions are growing each year at a steady pace. That’s a tremendous achievement for one of the youngest Emirate cities.

Rationale for people’s interest in Dubai’s Real Estate sector

If a property for salein Dubai is available, it may sound normal to a layman just like any other sale offer being made by any seller. But for a person who is fully active in the investment sector no matter which profession he belongs to; he will surely find it an ideal opportunity to invest. So, what is the reason for this.

Now this is known to many people that whenever a person wants to invest in some property, he usually considers two things at his level: first is the level of security and the second one is the Return on Investment (ROI) that he is going to reap from that very investment.

If we talk about the level of security a property in Dubai offers,then it is pretty much ahead than many othercities of the world. The past records and the personal experiences of many huge investors have shown that Dubai’s real estate sector is reflecting the epitome of fund’s security.Now coming to the return aspect of the Dubai’s property investment, it is generating 5% to 7 % return for the investors even after paying all the taxes and community fee (CSF fee),that too consistently for continuous years.

Another thing that needs to be mentioned here is the ease of doing investment in Dubai. This is the driving factor which attracts huge investors from the India and this is the reason why they are the largest investing community in Dubai.

People usually invests in property there for different purposes. Some people want to earn returns by disposing off the property after some years,some people uses it as their holiday destination while there are some people who rent them out further to earn steady income from their investment.
Most popular locations for property investment in Dubai arePalm Jumeirah, Downtown, Dubai BayDubai Creek harbour, Damac Rockwood, Zada business bay, Jumeirah village circle and many other locations.

Future of Property investment in Dubai

Even after the price fluctuations in recent times in Dubai, its real estate sector is growing at a descent pace. Great efforts by the Dubai’s Govt. and Dubai’s developers is also a great factor contributing to this. Many initiatives like Dubai property exhibition, Dubai real estate and property event show, International Dubai show etc. are taken by them, which provide a platform to all the huge developers and brokers around the world to showcase their offers to the potential investors.

According to many investment experts, coming two-three years re going to witness the biggest rise in the real sector of Dubai. So, if you are planning to to invest in sale properties in Dubai, there are going to be plenty of opportunities in near future.