Feast Your Eyes With Amazing Open Kitchen Layouts


If you are welcoming the guests for summer vacations, entertaining for short time birthday parties, or hangout with friends on seasonal events, you need to rethink if you have an open kitchen to make all this possible. Why? Because it should not only be the space for preparation, cooking and serving of daily needs or gaggle of guests but a place to be relish the joy of cooking.

You must be familiar with the home kitchen remodeling but open kitchen remodel ideas shared by us would be worth to read and implement. No doubt, open kitchen design is the best way to lay out your new culinary domain, swanky sink and in style patterned countertops.

Before we begin with kitchen remodeling at low cost, let me cede the top seven kitchen layout ideas that really works and make your kitchen job easy.

1- Reduce the traffic in the kitchen

2- Place the sink first

3- Maintain the distance between the comfortable and main fixtures

4- Don’t install the kitchen island too close or too far from the working area

5- Always place the store on exterior wall

6- Bear in mind the vertical storage

7- Create a floor plan & visualize kitchen in 3D

One Wall Open Kitchen

One wall kitchen isn’t a new concept. It holds alot potential in terms of design. It only takes up the single wall of your kitchen i.e the kitchen design idea sticks to one wall. Hence, giving you more space to cook, eat and enjoy. Moreover, a single wall of appliances and floor-to-ceiling cabinetry is perfect for the open floor kitchen idea. Also, the long island with additional storage and sink will allow the family seating more compact while keeping the rest kitchen spacious.

There are a number of strategically designed one walled kitchen. Some of the ideas are shared below.

    • A simple one wall kitchen with vibrant colors
    • All-white one wall kitchen cabinetry
    • Monochromatic-themed single wall kitchen
    • Country style one wall kitchen
    • One wall kitchen idea with open concept
    • One wall kitchen style with rustic touches & portable island
    • One wall kitchen with invisible cabinets
    • Contemporary one wall kitchen with black and white theme.

Two-Island Kitchen 

Two sinks, two refrigerators, two islands, you can find all these at one kitchen design idea; two-island kitchen. This type of kitchen gives an open fresh feel as compared to the cramped poorly planned space. Open kitchen cabinets with shiny glass cabinet doors make the space more packed making the kitchen room feel lighter. For such type of open kitchen layout, skylight or vaulted ceiling are the best options. Skylight adds natural light, while vaulted ceiling adds volume.

Wooden Kitchen 

This open concept kitchen plan includes the wooden flooring, wooden dining area, wooden ceiling beams and wooden cabinets. All the same wood finish in the entire kitchen will make the kitchen look more open and comfortable.

Open Kitchen With Extra Dining Space

Open kitchen with separate dining area makes the kitchen roomy and easy for serving. For this open kitchen layout idea, moving dining tables can be used depending upon the traffic flow. And if you have large events (weddings, birthday parties, official meetings etc.) at your home, then both table and islands can serve as a buffet for appetizers.

Open Kitchen WIth Ornate Details 

From the kitchen island to the fireplace and the banquette, white Ornate detailing of the home and so the kitchen make the cuisine room look royal. This kitchen design idea is best for small kitchen. Beware, the style must be integrated in a way that it does not clash with the stylish appearance.

Modern- Style Kitchen 

Yet modern, but most often used on the large kitchen walls where cabinetry covers the wall up to the ceiling. This sleek modern kitchen design helps you utilize the extra storage space of tall cabinets. Open concept modern-style kitchen makes the kitchen floor and island more classy. Due to wide space in the kitchen, islands can also be used for guests sitting.

High Traffic Areas

Such type of an open kitchen design is most often placed in the epicenter of the home. To keep the passageway for family members, kitchen is divided with two islands. It requires the dedicated work zone on any of the both sides of the kitchen.

Corner Kitchen 

It is not necessary to have a long stretch of space for open kitchen layout. You may follow the simple DIY kitchen remodel steps to design a corner kitchen. Or you may hire the kitchen designers to give a professional finish to your kitchen. If you are doing on your own, then you can connect with a dining area that wraps around the corner into a family room.

Small Open Kitchen 

Old homes usually had small kitchens with less renovation opportunities. So, the renovators create a large-pass through in one wall. Peninsula is used as an alternative for large chairs for casual seating., This seating offers seamless chatting with guests while doing kitchen chores.

Furniture-Style Features

Open concept floor plans work great in large kitchens. Marble countertops with seating, storage and luxurious island give an aesthetic look to the workstation. And if there are open shelves around the entrance door, they further enhance the kitchen layout. Moreover, for contemporary style kitchen layout range hood, stainless steel appliances and low-profile stools go best.

Natural Lightening in the Kitchen 

No matter how modern your kitchen is designed, what is its size, natural lightening always make the kitchen look bigger and airy. Natural light from all sides of the house reflects off the textured, translucent glass room dividers. In addition to this, neutral tones throughout the space allow the red accents stand out.

Open Entry & Room Redos

Whenever you plan the remodel of your kitchen, make the most of the space you have. Open entry expands the entrance of the house members. It makes kitchen a more social and accessible to the rest of the house. You may opt for the best color options like white, black, lighter shades along with dark wood accents on chair to give a solid appearance to cookhouse.

If you are looking for something that makes your kitchenette incomparable, then kitchen woodwork would be the best idea. Most of the Kitchen Remodel in South Shore MA is followed by these open kitchen layout ideas.