Follow These Tips To Perform Best In Class 9th Mathematics


At exam time, students are under tremendous pressure to perform well, which ultimately causes anxiety and stress. This stress multiplies when there is mathematics exam. Every student finds it difficult and often develops negative thinking.

While preparing for the exam, positive thinking is much important to deal with examination stress. You can develop positive thinking and confidence while solving past CBSE class 9th maths question paper. This practice will not only relieve you from stress but also give the best results in your examination.

Tips to Perform Well In Class 9 Mathematics Examinations

Go through the Syllabus

Students are needed to be aware of the syllabus which is prescribed for their examination. Students can consult with their teachers about the syllabus, and important topics from the examination point of view. So, before taking the next step, first, you should check your syllabus, and know the marking criteria of each chapter. This practice will help you to get good marks in your academic.

Make a Proper Time-Table

Planning plays an important role while preparing for the exams. After knowing the syllabus, prepare a time table to give enough time for each chapter. Choose the time in your daily schedule and never allot a long hour of studies and don’t forget to re-energize yourself.

Brief Notes

Brief notes are proved to be very helpful in the examinations. You can note down from your textbooks, reference books, and from your class lessons. Also, don’t forget to highlight important headings, and formulae in your notes so that you can find it easily when you needed.

Follow your Classroom study material

Classroom study makes a student to understand their syllabus systematically. They are the best to get the introduction of the topics of your syllabus. Therefore, you should always present in your class to get the basic introduction of the chapter. Later, at home revise the topic you have covered in your class. In case you find any confusion, without any delay, clarify it with your teacher on the next day.

Classify your Topics

In every subject, a student has a weak section as well as a strong section. So, note down your weak points and start working on them to improve them. If you find it difficult in solving some questions you can take help from your class teachers and classmates.

Take Short Breaks

Don’t study continuously for several hours, it will only give you stress. Take small breaks from long study sessions, and in this break, you can watch your favorite serial, listen to music, or can go for a walk.

Practice a Lot

Mathematics examination requires accuracy and speed. Try to maintain a uniform speed of solving the questions throughout the entire period of examination. With this, you will able to complete your exam in the given time period.

Various CBSE worksheets for class 9 of maths are available at the bookstores and online. You can solve these worksheets and this will certainly help the student for his perfect preparation. Also, by doing this, students will come across new questions also.