7 DIY Home Decor Ideas for Summer


Summer is here. You probably must have a lot on your to-do list already. For those of you who have an eye for décor, there is no better time than summer to work on home décor.

It’s easier to head to the craft store and get festive fixtures. There is so much variety out there but these home décor items can be costly. Not everything good is affordable like the Spectrum Internet plans. So why not take matters in your hands and create DIY crafts for home décor this summer?

Need some inspiration? Here are 7 DIY home décor ideas. The best part is each of them is affordable. You will have to head to the craft store to get some supplies if you don’t have them already. Pick one of the following ideas to accomplish this summer:

Idea #1: Hanging Scale Flower Vase

This one is the easiest. If you like displaying flowers around the house, it is a great project to start with. Instead of using a vase or a basket, use a hanging scale to display the flowers. It would look nice on your front porch.

Idea #2: Pillow Pocket

Do you always forget where you placed the remote last time you watched the TV? We all have been there! This summer, solve this problem by creating a DIY pillow pocket. In other words, you will be sowing a pocket on the pillow cover.

Take an old pair of jeans and cut its pocket. Cut a fusible fleece of the size of the pocket and iron it between the jean pocket and your pillow cover. Stitch the pocket on the pillow. Now, you can put the remote in the pocket and you won’t have to worry about losing it again.

Idea #3: Spill-Proof Placemats

You must have bought the child-friendly placement mats. They are nice but a problem with them is that they do not align with the décor of the home. Don’t worry, craft your own with the fabric of your choice.

Cut the fabric into 12×17 inch rectangles and iron them. Cut two rectangles of the same size for a vinyl sheet. Make sure you cut two for each mat. Iron the vinyl on each side of the mat. Trim the edges for a finished look. There you have it, your very own spill-proof mats.

Idea #4: Mason Jar Lights

You can create so many ideas with a mason jar. Mason jar lights would be a great idea. These little jars will not just light up your backyard, but they will make summer night and festivities fun too.

Idea #5: Bird Feeder

I am sure your kids must be eating lots of lollipops this summer. You can use them to create a bird feeder. There is a multitude of ways to use these wooden sticks for creating craft items.

Follow these steps below:

  • First, you must create the base by lining up 11 sticks side by side and sticking them with glue. After the base comes the walls.
  • Overlap sticks on each side and glue them from the corners. Keep adding layers until you reach the desired height.
  • Now create the roof panel.
  • Glue everything together. Cut 4 equal lengths of jute and tie to each corner. Fill the feeder with birdseed and hang it wherever you want.

Idea #6: Tissue Paper Flowers

Colorful flowers made out of tissue papers can be great for home décor. They are extremely inexpensive to make. Plus, they won’t take much of your time.

The supplies you will need include colorful tissue paper, scissors, and a stapler. There are lots of different ways of making paper flowers. If you know any, pick the method you like.

You can place these flowers in vases, doorways, create garlands, use them for party decoration or use them as centerpieces. To create a new look, add ribbons, leaves, and glitter. These supplies are readily available at the craft stores.

Idea #7: Rope Wrapped Candle Holders

You can either buy candle holders from the store or make them at home. It is extremely easy to make them by the way.

Use thick twine or rope. Wrap them around the vase or candle holder. Secure it with glue and let the area dry. To add more decoration, you can use flowers, pearls or shells. This way, you can place these candles on a mantle or dining table whenever you invite guests at your place.

Choose from these DIY ideas and get started soon. These projects will take just a few hours and you will be done just like you are quickly served on the Spectrum internet customer service. Enjoy your summer making cool DIY crafts for home!