How To Get Rid Of Dirty Cockroaches From Your House


Everyone hates these dirty cockroaches because they look ridiculous. Whenever we saw them, we feel like these should not be supposed to present in our house. The cockroaches don’t only look dirty; they also spread a various kinds of diseases. When we know that, these spread diseases we get another reason to get rid of them, and make our house free from these dirty pests.

Actually, cockroaches are very strong creatures. You can compare them something likes indestructible. They can survive in the very difficult weather conditions, whether it is very cold areas or very hot place, you will find these dirty creatures. That’s the reason, whichever country you go, you can find them rolling from one place to another. They can even survive a nuclear bomb. They can live without food even for 3 months. They can eat other dead roaches. You can say that these are the very hard living creatures. But, is there any way to get rid of them. The answer is yes. You can kill them, and prevent them from them coming your house.

How to Prevent Cockroaches

Like every other living being, they need two things, Shelter and food. They go after these things wherever they find them. They enter inside your house, because they get food and shelter very easily. If you can eliminate these things, and block their entrances then they have no reason to come and they can’t come.

Seal the Entrances

Most common entrances from where they come inside your home are the doors, windows, pipes, and crevices. You can prevent the roaches from coming inside your house by blocking these paths of their entrance. You can block the crevices by covering them from cement. Pipes should be covered. Cockroaches come outside in the night. So make sure, your doors and windows are shut down in the night.

Keep Your House Clean

Roaches go to places where they find dirt. They look for dirty places to hide. So make sure, your house is clean and free from the dirt.

Seal your food items

Make sure your all the food items are properly sealed and tightly packed. These roaches can eat any type of food, whether it is dog food, or cat food. They are just looking for it.

How to Kill Cockroaches

Cockroach Baits & Poison

This is the best way to kill them. You just have to place the poison bait, and then the roaches will come out in the dark, and eat it. After eating it, they will die. In the morning, you will find a lot of dead roaches. You can read the Advion Roach Gel Bait Review which is the best product when it comes to killing these dirty creatures.

Home Remedies

For killing these dirty roaches, you can use various kinds of home remedies. Some of them work great, while some of them work less. In the below, I have shared few remedies which you can use to kill roaches without spending much on the external products.

  • Borax and Sugar<
  • Baking Soda and Sugar
  • Ammonia Water Solution
  • Fabric Softener
  • Listerine
  • Coffee + Water Jar Trap

Cockroach Traps


There are various traps available for killing them, but frankly speaking they are not very effective. You can’t kill all the roaches present in your house with just traps. But, if you want to know about the traps, then generally people use three types of traps. These are electronic traps, Glue traps, and some homemade traps like coffee + water jar trap. You can try yourself, if they work well for you, then there is no reason for not using them.


So, these were the best methods for getting rid of these dirty living creatures. Just killing them won’t make your house free from them. For making your house actually pest free you have to stop their entrance inside your house.

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