Role And Impact Of Money In Family Relationship


Money has the power to change everything around us including our family relationships. Obviously, money plays a huge role in family relationships and it can have a huge impact on deciding the nature of family relationships. Money has the ability to make family relationships strong, happy and even havoc. Money is a central reason for the collapse and ruin of several family relationships. The supremacy of money for manipulation is well-known. Today family relationships are money based and people love each other for their own gains even in a family setting. There is a culture of money in our society and it has crept into the family relationships as well.

For Better Family Relationship

It is certain that money is essential for the better family relationships. Money is a must for parents to protect and nurture their children. We need money to live, take care of family members, to send kids to school, to buy food and dress to family members. The role of money is huge when it comes to secure better education for kids and set up good future for them. Money is vital to buy food items to home and clothing to every member of the family. Most of the people say that money is never more central than your quality of life and being able to enjoy your life. However, the actual l life forces them to change their views and obviously, money influences family relationships.

Better Family Life


We all wish to live a better family life and money can present us better life. Money has a huge role to play in making our family life better because if we have enough money, we can buy everything that makes our life better. In today’s advanced world, our daily lives and dreams of a better life turn out to be recognized with how much money a family or individual has. Every individual in modern society observes material security as essential for comfort, freedom, respect, societal acceptance, power, better family life and relationships and even sexual life.

Relations Are Shaped By Money

In the present era, relations between family members are decorated and highlighted by money. Views about money are expanded from our childhood and we take those into adulthood. If you fight for money with your parents, then your kids will fight for money with you. A person in a family will be considered as worthless and a dishonor just for not accomplishing material success. A person will lose his prestige in family as well as in society if he is bankrupt. In today’s family relationships, none of the family members need a person who is ethical but all they need is money. It has guided to the collapse of many families and money is the main reason for most of the family conflicts these days.

Money For the survival of family relationships

Today, the family relationships are established on money and therefore, money is needed for the survival of family relationships at the moment. Parents will become enemy to their kids if parents failed to provide their kids ample money. We are living in a world where everything is decided by how much we give others. Hence, the kids have also got used to these attitudes and they evaluate even their parents on the basis money that is given to them. Money can spoil relations but at the same time money is needed for settled family relationships if it is used appropriately.

Money for Marriage

Marriage is a well respected practice in our society. People get married to establish their own family and to fulfill their love. However, marriage is influenced by money now and money is essential for boys to get girls. None of the parents of girls would like to accept a boy who lacks money or wealth. So, economic well-being is a must thing these days for a boy to get married. The influence of money can observe in the institution of marriage as well.

Break Up Of Relations


Money is the one problem that can cause chaos in a relationship. People have diverse observations about money and how to spend it. Obviously, your spouse will also have her own views about money and how to spend it. If miscommunication happens between you and your spouse, the end result will be break up. Fights on behalf of money are a main cause of divorce. A lot of studies have shown that lack of money used to guide couples to think about break up their relationships. Lack of money is the main reason for family conflicts and arguments. It eventually guides to separation or divorce. Jobless men used to stay in their home itself and it may frustrate their wives. It will definitely lead to clash because of the lack of money. So, money has the power to ruin family relationships and even married life.

Relationship with Money

People not only have relationships with people but also with money. The relationship with money denotes how we interrelate and connected with money in our lives. Money indeed offers stress, worry, freedom, happiness, independence and restriction to people. Our relationship with money has an effect on our financial wellness, how much money we have, how we are capable of keeping it and relationships in our lives.


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