Hottest Wedding Trends for 2022


Traditionally, wedding trends encompass colour palettes, cake trends, floral styles and venue themes. As time passes, couples have started to lean more towards the experience itself than aesthetics, throwing carefully curated events and highly personalised affairs.

The onset of the coronavirus has brought on the need for change as well, so there are now new wedding trends and design elements that will mark the couples’ new beginning in the new year.

The welcome box

With an increasing number of weddings being downsized to a more intimate affair, there’s also more guest-oriented details, such as the welcome box, an alternative to the welcome bag. The idea behind these boxes is to safely pack all event supplies in one place, which now include personalized hand sanitisers and masks in addition to programs and various take-away favours. This allows the guests to feel the warm welcome of the entire wedding event. And that is the gift for all involved.

Tents and fairy-tale lights

Outdoor weddings have already become the go-to option and that has led to an increase in the demand for wedding tents and fairy-tale lights to create a romantic and dreamy ambience. Wedding tents have now become the new ballroom. Couples are turning to nature and fresh air in ways not done before. In the following year, outdoor weddings will remain popular as in this age of pandemic, they’re also a safer option both for guests and vendors.

Together with a fairy-tale whimsical wedding environment of tents and nature, standardized seating options have lost their appeal and couples are rather opting for mixing and matching layouts. In accordance with unconventional venue designs on the rise, mismatched tables are not only a perfect indication of these modern times, but they also turn out phenomenally on photographs!

Old-school decor

When it comes to wedding décor, vintage is back in a new way! It’s time to dust off your heirloom wedding china and dig up those embroidered napkins from your mom’s attic. The new trends creatively combine all your old favourites with countryside vibes and natural elements, so basically, anything goes, from vintage china, embroidered ribbons, floral table cloths, miss-matched silverware and vintage glassware. Whatever seems to rebels against the sleek, strict, cookie-cutter wedding, take it!

Transformative attire

Flexibility and adaptability is the name of the game nowadays, even when it comes to wedding attire – it ranges from pieces that can be detached or worn in different ways to dresses that can be transformed into a completely different look. Luckily, this fashion trend works extremely well for brides who want to change up their look for the reception and appear in something creative and dazzling for the after-party.

Flowers and foliage in abundance

Flowers and foliage are coming in abundance, whether it’s gorgeous floral installations or cascading bouquets. The call of nature remains strong and the couples want to blur the lines between indoor and outdoor spaces but incorporating as much greenery and colour as tastefully possible.


Flower choices for wedding days are becoming more innovative and florists are being asked to produce colourful and unusual blooms than before.

Miniature d’oeuvres

Smaller serving plates and individualized portions are winning everyone hearts and couples are looking for a creative catering company that can deliver the best – platters with finger sandwiches and wraps, mini doughnut platters, single-serve boards, mason jars with dips and dressings and even tiny picnic baskets.

Couples are also looking into safe and sweet ways to celebrate their big day with creative cocktail hour themes. This gives the guests a chance to get up, mingle and sip some signature drinks while they enjoy the setting – live art they can take home, the fun and games section, signing of the guest book and many more.

Weddings are always a very personal event and there are never two that are the same or one wedding formula that fits all. Everyone is looking for something slightly different, whether it’s the dress, catering, venue styling or flowers. While the wedding trends continue to change, so do people’s tastes, and it all comes down to choosing whatever suits your mood on your big day!