Natural Remedies for Good Health


What we are witnessing around the world is a return to nature.

It’s safe to say that the entire lifestyle choices have changed for the Millenials and Gen Z.

More and more people are now going back to the traditional sources of medicine, food, hygiene etc., compared to the more complicated and sophisticated chemical products of the current age. Many people are turning vegan, choosing yoga postures instead of hitting gyms, and so.

And now, during this phenomenon, rather than depending on medicines or drugs, most are turning back the pages of the grandmothers’ diaries to cure their common ailments with natural remedies.

But before that,

What are Natural Remedies?

Natural remedies are any type of treatment that utilizes natural ingredients, such as fruits and vegetables to cure, alleviate or reduce the symptoms of an illness. Natural remedies can be used instead of taking prescription medications and over-the-counter medicine for a number of ailments and conditions.

Natural remedies should not be confused with alternative medicine or traditional medicine; alternative medicine is practised outside allopathic (or conventional) medical science, while traditional medicines constitute forms of treatment unique to certain cultures and histories – largely those in Africa, Asia, Latin America, North America, Oceania/Australia. In North America alone, there are about 50 000 different types of plants. While many so-called “natural” drugs have been synthesized from plant products or created artificially using herbal processes, natural remedies are mostly prepared from plants or plant materials.

But there is a common misconception that Natural Remedies are used for curing ailments only.

Natural Remedies like health tonics or immune boosters can help in crafting your body’s defence against diseases without the side effects.

Which are the best Natural Homemade Remedies and Immune Boosters?

Everyone wants to stay healthy and disease-free, especially in the harsh winter months. Below mentioned are some of the best remedies that can keep you strong and healthy this winter.

Garlic is known for its natural antibiotic properties. Consuming garlic regularly increases immunity by stimulating white blood cells production. Also, garlic has antiviral properties which kill the viruses responsible for allergies, colds etc. Before going to sleep, drink 2 cups of water mixed with four crushed garlic cloves and 1 tsp honey (for taste). Drink one empty stomach in the morning on an empty stomach too. This will significantly boost up your immune system.

Do not forget to include Ginger in your diet plan because it is very effective against viral attacks like fever or flu. It also provides immediate relief from the symptoms of cold and cough.

Consuming ginger with lemon juice will reduce inflammation in your respiratory system giving you fast relief from the symptoms of cold, flu or any other viral attacks. You can either drink hot tea made with ginger or add it to your daily food recipes.

You can use Turmeric to treat cough and cold. By boiling some turmeric in water and adding a little bit of ginger and honey, you can prepare a hot beverage that will help cure the symptoms of cold and flu faster. Consuming this beverage 2-3 times daily is recommended for best results.

At least once a week, add all the ingredients mentioned above (ginger, garlic, lemon juice) to your diet so that they strengthen your immune system against infections. You would definitely love having natural health drinks with delicious flavours!

Consuming this juice regularly on an empty stomach builds up immunity enormously by stimulating white blood cells production. It also kills viral germs that cause the most common colds, coughs etc.

When you prepare the juice, add all ingredients including carrots and celery. After finishing it once, store the remaining in the refrigerator and drink it as required. By adding watercress to this juice, you can boost your immunity by increasing white blood cells production, which will protect you from many serious infections.

Adding onions to your meals increases immune system strength because they contain sulphuric compounds that increase immunity. It also provides relief from symptoms of colds, cough etc.

So to conclude,  a diet high in antioxidants and vitamin-rich foods can do wonders for your health!

So we hope you liked this article about Natural Remedies, for more health and lifestyle articles watch this space.

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