How ACP Sheets and VastuShastra are Correlated?

ACP Sheets

Home makers always try to decorate their house in the best way possible. People are always trying to find new ideas to decorate their interiors. There are so many unique ideas, attractive colours, architects designs available nowadays.

But, only designing doesn’t bring in prosperity and peace in our house. There are many things as well that we need to look after. You never know what is causing discomfort or irritation. You might feel that you have done everything for the interior still there is an uneasy aura which is disturbing you, if this is also happening to you, then it’s time to think about VastuShastra.

Whether you believe it or not, Vastu plays an important role in bringing in peace to your house. Vastu is an ancient science of architecture and every architect follows its rule while designing the interior of any house. No matter how modern your design is, Vastu is always considered to be essential.

While choosing some of the finest Alutech panel’s products, you should always think about itsVastu effects as well. Here are some of the reason why Vastu is important:

It plays a key role in bringing in harmony and prosperity.
All the negative energy gets eliminated
It brings in good luck and fortune to the occupants.

If you go by VastuShastra, the colour you choose for your interior plays a vital role. It affects the mood of the occupants. The feeling you go through, like sadness, happiness, anxious, confidence, everything is influenced by Vastu. Alutech Panel, the biggest ACP manufacturers in India is here to give you some useful tips as per Vastu which will bring peace and prosperity to your house. So, here they are:


Red is considered to be the colour of romance, love, and attraction. This colour helps a couple to keep their love alive. According to VastuShastra pink is also considered to be the colour of romance. Our suggestion will be to use this colour in the bedroom.


White is the colour of peace and tranquillity. Use this colour in your living room to increase the good aura in the house. You can contrast this colour with dark coloured furniture.


Green is the colour of Mercury. This colour is best suitable for student’s bedroom and even in their study room. Let the power of knowledge be intact with green colour walls. Green also keeps anger in control.


If you have elderly people in your house, then go for brown colour. Brown is the colour of earth and it symbolizes stability.


Yellow again is a lively colour. It depicts positivity and intelligence. Use this colour in your children’s bedroom or study room. Keep their room bright and radiant. Yellow is also the colour of joy and happiness, so pick the yellow sober solid colour from Alutech Panels.

Gone are the days when people used to use ACP sheets in commercial exterior cladding. More and more people are now seen using ACP sheets in their interior as well. Regular wall paint can cause a lot of health problems and also there is always a chance for the wall colour to lose its essence. However, ACP sheets remain as it is and cause no trouble.

Why to choose ACP sheets?

ACP sheets always give a finished look.
You get to choose from a verity of colours.
All the ACP sheets pre-coated colour are lead-free.
ACP sheets last long as well.

So, these are the reasons why you should choose ACP sheets and how to use them according to VastuShastra.