How To Give the Home Exterior New Look?


The way your home works and looks determines most of its value. The exterior of your home should match the architectural style, look good from far away. Therefore it is essential to protect your home from natural elements like moisture, high winds, etc.

Investing in the exterior of your home doesn’t just increase its appeal. New windows and doors can lower your heating and cooling costs, while a well-maintained roof can protect your home for years. Best of all, exterior renovations can add significant value to your home and provide you with a large return on investment as you prepare to sell.

How To Renovate Your Home Exterior?

Even though the inside of your house is where you live and play. The outside of your house that makes your home “glow” to the neighbours! However, many think that updating the exterior of your home requires a large budget. On the other hand, detail and general curb appeal add to the surface of your home without shelling out a small salary for great results. Regardless of the time of year, you can always make external repairs.

Change The Paint

Even a color that hasn’t turned white can look dirty or dull over time. So by updating your home’s paint to something lighter, brighter, or more contemporary, you can enhance the style. Make sure to match the colors of your home with the architectural style for the best results. For example, for a Victorian, go for a slightly darker color when using a rich arts and crafts color palette and a natural Tudor color palette.

Update Your roof

As your roof gets older, consider replacing it with newer architectural tiles. Architectural tiles are more significant than traditional asphalt tiles and reflect UV rays while keeping your home cool. Another idea for updating your roof is using a metal roof with permanent stitching for a more modern home. Look for a metal roof in light or cool color to find out the latest roof trends. Or choose a tile roof for an old house. Newer tiles are made of concrete – much more durable than older clay tiles, but with so many different shapes and styles, you should have no trouble making a statement about your home.

Install New Windows

Windows are one of the most prominent exterior features of a home. If they are worn or damaged, it lowers the overall aesthetic, and replacing them is almost always a better option than repairing them. Minor issues like the need for new hardware are often just steps towards more significant problems like draft and distortion.

Replace Shutters

Many homes have roller shutters that are not only tight and inoperable but also unattractive. However, this is not mandatory. There are several stylish exterior blinds nowadays, including modern rustic and mid-century styles that can add to your home’s appeal. Look for a prison-style that complements your home’s exterior architecture, and think of a bold color that sets it apart.

Adjust Your Land Scaping

Never ignore the importance of landscaping when it comes to the exterior of your home. Adding some well-placed shrubs and plants in your home can hide many sins and give the area much-needed color and life. When planting, be careful not to cover windows or light sources.

Add Lightings

Make sure your facade is visible any time of day or night by adding a little outside lighting. The sconces above the door lights and accent lights can brighten your exterior by making it visible at night and making it easier to navigate for approaching guests after dark. If your home has spotlights or a large canopy under the roof, you can also install some recessed lights in this area to help you trace your roofline after sunset.

Replace Your Siding

One way to improve your home’s present and future appearance is by siding replacement with fiber cement. Fiber cement cladding is a versatile material that comes in a variety of styles and colors. Cement fiber doesn’t flake or crack like wood or vinyl and isn’t susceptible to moisture or insect activity, so that you can last longer without care or worry.


The exterior of your home deserves the same attention to detail as the interior. Although we forget this, the body and curb appeal are essential to environmental attractiveness and efforts to sell your home once we stay home. Remember that your entire family is one, and you can update the exterior and feel comfortable with it at minimal costs.

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