What Are The Best And Worst Foods For Acne – Skin Health


Skin health plays an important role in our lives. Our skin has 2 layers; Epidermis and Dermis. Epidermis is the upper layer of the skin which shows the presence of nutritional essence in your skin. Dermis is the inner layer with various functions for making your skin healthy.

A skin can be called healthy if it’s free from acne, pimples, dryness, cracks, or dark patches in its natural form. Acne on the skin is commonly observed at least once in each one’s life. They are of different sizes; small, big, or pus-acne.

Lifestyle is a key factor in making our skin and body free from bad germs and pathogens. The food we eat daily, the choices we make for ourselves brings out the health of our body and mind.

Vitamins and Minerals help the skin to ‘GLOW’

VITAMIN A helps in protecting the skin from the harsh sunrays. It prevents the damage to the skin which may result into itchy, dry, and bumpy sensations. The oil glands heal the cuts and scraps of the skin with enough vitamin A.

VITAMIN C protects your skin from free radicals and lowers your chance of getting skin cancer. It also helps in healing bleeding gums or sores.

VITAMIN E helps the skin’s cell wall to get stronger. It mainly absorbs the energy from UV light which damages the skin and results into sagging, wrinkles, or dark spots onto the skin.

ZINC, MAGNESIUM, COPPER, IRON, SILICON, PHOSPHORUS are the minerals that play a significant role in making your skin healthy and free from skin infections.


1) CITRUS FRUITS AND LEAFY VEGGIES: From the studies of the Indian Ayurveda and Dermatologists, citrus fruits and green vegetables are considered high in nutritional value with essential vitamins like A, C, E, D and minerals like potassium, zinc, iron, phosphorus, silicon. They not only make our skin healthy but also clear dark circles under the eyes and dark blotches on the skin. Eating spinach and broccoli soup in morning gives the body a boost and energy throughout the day.

2) GREEN TEA: Green tea is the powerhouse of antioxidants that fights skin allergies. It also improves the blood sugar levels in the body. It helps the body to fight against unhealthy fats in the skin. Green tea prevents acne by reducing sebum. It unclogs the pores and hydrates the skin with nourishment. It also prevents ageing. Drinking green tea once in the morning and evening makes the skin clean and clear.

3) TURMERIC: Turmeric is the best Indian spice and food which has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It cures dermatitis and heals wounds. It lightens acne scars and cure cracked heals. Applying turmeric with Greek yogurt and lukewarm water brings SHINE on the skin by removing pimples, wrinkles, and uneven darkness. Many fitness trainers suggest drinking hot water with turmeric for cleaning the toxins from the body as well as purifying the blood.

4) CHEESE: Cheese is the best natural cure for acne. It energizes the oil glands to facilitate glow on the skin. Cheese makes your skin healthy! It facilitates supple and glowing skin due to its composition of vitamin B. Cheese strengthens bones and the cartilage.

5) CHICKPEAS: Chickpeas assist in skin hygiene. It repairs the tissues of the skin and helps in its healing process. It detoxifies Sulphites and boosts immunity. Chickpeas also prevent the inflammation of the skin and controls diabetes. Since chickpeas contain calcium and fiber, dieticians suggest consuming one medium sized bowl of chickpeas daily in breakfast for good health of the skin and body.

6) EGGS: Eggs help to prevent the tanning of your skin. Egg yolks are rich in fatty acids that also lend moisture to the skin while Egg Whites contain album in protein which tightens the pores of your skin.

Tip: Water is the best fluid for the prevention of all skin diseases. Drink enough water daily for cleaning the pores of your skin which makes the skin hydrated enough to avoid acne.


1) SUGARS: Sugar accelerates the skin towards sagging, discoloration, wrinkles, and hard shine on the surface of the skin. Natural sugar is healthy but consuming artificial sugar in large amounts make you consult your doctor early. They are unhealthy for your health. Sugar breaks down the collagen and elastin in your skin which produces inflammation.

2) FERMENTED FOODS: Fermented foods often contain bacteria which are unhealthy for our intestines. They promote yeast infection on skin or fungal infection. When a patient is suffering from fungal infection doctors strictly advice to avoid fermented foods. They cause acne with infections on skin.

3) JUNK FOOD AND CAFFIENATED DRINKS: The main reason for acne is unhealthy eating habits. Junk food when consumed daily decreases your metabolism. Skip junk and jump on healthy bars. Skin degrades its essence rapidly because of these uneven eating habits. Drinks contain high amounts of sugars that help to remove junk fast but capture many diseases at sight.


Home-made food is the best food where all your problems related to stomach or skin are blown off. It is considered hygienic for long term good health. It is clean, disease-free, dirt free and healthy. Doctors also suggest you to stick to home cooked food. Choose healthy as a choice.