How to Take Care of Your Hair During Quarantine


Quarantine is not easy on any of us. Nobody is used to this type of isolation, which resulted in people having to change their everyday routine. This refers to their work, eating, working out, and even self-care habits. This time, we are going to talk about self-care, that is, your hair, and how to keep it healthy and fresh during this time.

Give it some rest time

Quarantine is the perfect time to put away your hair straightener and hair curler, and let your hair have some rest from all the heat. Those few weeks will certainly help your hair recover, and be less damaged so that it can look perfect just in time for summer. If you still want to look nice, even if you are in your house, you can look for some alternative methods, and have fun with them. Some of them are braiding your hair, making curls with straws, or even learning how to professionally blow dry it.

Choose what’s best for your hair

Some girls can’t go with their hair not being perfect, and that is completely fine. Also, chances are some of you still have to go to work. Quarantine is the perfect time to try out Russian hair weaves, which will make your hair look natural, thick, and beautiful. You should look for high-quality products like this one because it will also do a lot less damage to your hair. Make sure you choose the right color and length, although you can make small corrections if needed. With hair extensions like this, you will also reduce the amount of heat you apply to your hair, and the best thing is you can be creative and make so many different hairstyles.

Give your hair some extra care

With all that free time on your hands, you can now dedicate a bit more to caring for your hair deeply. The options are numerous, but hydrating hair masks are one of the choices you can’t go wrong with. You can always go with deep conditioning products that you can get at any drugstore. However, if you are not leaving the house, there are so many DIY masks you can make out of ingredients from your home. The easiest one you can make, that will help with damaged hair is mixing your favorite essential oil and coconut oil. Rub it on the tips, not on the roots, and leave it for at least an hour. Proceed to wash your hair like you normally would, and repeat once every two weeks. If you want to make your hair grow a bit more, or you have a problem with your hair falling out, the following mixture will work wonders. Get a nettle shampoo, and mix in Vitamin A and D drops, panthenol, and Ricinus oil. Wash your hair normally with this shampoo, and you will begin to see changes very fast. These are all good ideas to help you prepare your hair for summer heats.

We can all agree that we often get bored during the quarantine. However, this is the perfect time to finally dedicate ourselves to improving every aspect of our lives. Enjoy this process, take your sweet time, and recover your hair, skin, and nails, so that they are ready once the quarantine is over.