Importance of Choosing the Right Backpack for your Child


While there are a lot of things that your child is excited about on their first day to school, but apart from sorting out their new dresses and new pens, there is one more important thing that you need to keep in mind but is often forgotten.

As your child is about to start new school year, the first thing you need to do as a parent is to buy a backpack that will encourage them to study and not wear them down with unnecessary weight. A heavy backpack is not only bad for your child’s overall health but especially hurtful for their nimble backs.

You may not know this but doctors and physical therapists recommend that a child’s backpack should never weigh more than 15-20% of their bodyweight. The ideal weight of your kid’s backpack should be 10% of their own weight but it should never exceed 20%. Well now that you are aware of this important piece of information, it is time to do some introspection and educate yourself about the importance of a good backpack.

School is an important time for your child’s growth, development, and wellness. Overburdening them with a heavy backpack that they have lug around for hours will demotivate your child. Not only that, it can also cause scores of health problems such as back ache, shoulder pain, neck pain, and most importantly, their posture will suffer due to the excess weight placed near their shoulders.

So if you haven’t considered your child’s backpack in the past and you are looking to buy School Bags For Boys Online, then you should know where to start and how to make an informed decision. In this article, we will share some exclusive tips that will keep all these aspects in mind so that you can make the right selection for your little one.

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They should fit snugly

Just like you can’t wear a shoe too tight or too loose, it is important to pick the right bag size so that it fits their body snugly and distribute the weight equally on their upper body. The bag that your child carries to school should be able to fit all their books and materials as well as other day-to-day things. However, it should also not devour their little frame that will make things too heavy. Ideally, a backpack should cover up to 75% of your child’s back.

Thicker straps for adequate weight distribution

You can narrow down your selection of backpacks by eliminating the ones with thin straps. What you need is a thicker strap that can evenly distribute the weight of the backpack on your child’s body. You should be able to adjust the straps to prevent them from placing excess pressure on their muscles that are still in developmental stage. The backpack should sit snugly and at an appropriate height to do its job. The straps should have enough padding to avoid cutting through their skin due to weight.

The bag should have two straps

Even though a single strap looks more trendy, don’t let your child talk you into buying a bag that has only one strap. A backpack should have two to distribute the weight equally and provide enough support. A single strap will put undue strain on your child’s neck and back muscles. Additionally, these straps will also maintain the child’s posture and balance the weight distribution.

Look for roller bags

In case your child’s school does not offer locker facility, then you can look for bags that come with rollers. They should have stable handle and wheels so that your child can carry it around with minimal effort. However, make sure that the child’s school is a single-level structure before considering this option. If they have to go to second or the third floor to attend classes, then there is no way to hoist them up the stairs, not to mention how inconvenient it would be to do that every day.

Pay attention to comfort

Backpacks are meant to be an important part of your child’s school life. So when you are choosing one for your child, make sure that comfortability is never compromised. You can also be creative and get a customized bag if you are unable to meet all the criteria discussed above. Make sure your bag is designed with broad straps and padded shoulders to offer maximum comfort.

You need to understand that each child is unique and will have their own preferences when choosing a backpack. While their preference matters too, you should always keep these above mentioned points in mind when making a selection so that your child can get the best of both worlds!

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