Keeping Your Kids Safe by the Pool this Summer


According to statistics, approximately 1,000 kids die each year by drowning. This makes it a second leading cause of accidental death for people between the ages of 5 and 24. Precisely for this reason, keeping children safe by the pool is vital. With summer being hotter than ever, and parents using every chance they get to enjoy a splash by the pool with their kids, it’s essential that you know how to protect your children from hurting themselves at the swimming pool.

Keep an Eye on Them

Children need constant supervision. They’re reckless and unaware of everything that can hurt them, so you as a parent must take care of your child at all times. Just because there are lifeguards at the swimming pools, it doesn’t mean that they’re your child’s babysitter. They have to watch over hundreds of swimmers, and you only need to take care of your own child. Therefore, while your kid is playing by the pool or inside, be sure to watch over them, instead of reading a book, playing with your phone or taking a nap.

Safety Fences

Pool fences are great protection for small children. If you own a swimming pool at your home, it would be a good idea to install them on all sides of the pool. They’ll prevent children from getting into the pool without your permission. What’s more, they won’t be able to fall inside the pool and hurt themselves either. Thanks to their self-closing, and self-latching features, fences provide additional security.

Anti-Slip Mats

Sometimes even utmost care and attention are not enough to prevent children from injuring themselves. They like to run by the pool and play around, without knowing how dangerous it can be. Therefore, to prevent slipping, falling and serious injuries that may even require a couple of stitches along the way, be sure to invest in a high quality non-slip mat. Put a mat on every side of the pool and keep your children and yourself safe from slipping ever again.

Make them Rest

When you look at your kids, it may seem as if they’re an inexhaustible source of energy. Half way through their playing around you feel overwhelmed, while they’re not even feeling a bit tired. The same will go when they play in the pool, splash, swim or dive in. However, even if they may seem like they’re still full of energy, their body will beg to differ. Therefore, if your kid has been active for more than an hour, be sure to get them out of the pool so they can rest for at least half an hour. You can use the chance to reapply the sunscreen, give them some snacks, and they may even take a short nap.

Keep them Hydrated

It’s vital that your kids are always well-hydrated. This is especially true during the summer, when they’ll spend many hours under the sun. Therefore, always get them to drink plenty of fluids; water is the best choice, but a juice box is a good alternative as well. The sun will get them dehydrated easily, which can lead to dizziness, sense of lightheadedness or even nausea.

Teach them to Behave by the Pool

Educating your kids about proper pool behaviour is paramount. Teach them to know they should call a lifeguard if they spot any emergency. What’s more, warn them they should never run by the pool, but only walk, so they can be out of harm’s way. The better they behave at the pool, the safer they and everyone around them will be.

Final Thoughts

Keeping your kids safe at the pool should be your number one priority. Therefore, be sure you keep the previous suggestions in mind, and you’ll be able to have a bit more peace of mind.

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