The Latest Trends In Bathroom Design 2017

If you are looking to renovate your bathroom, 2017 is going to be your year. Functionality and comfort remain key, yet bathroom design is also becoming gentler in their visual appeal with a more organic look. To find out more about the latest trends in bathroom design, check out these popular design ideas that will inspire your bathroom remodeling this year.

Smart Bathroom Storage

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Contemporary bathrooms have been a mix of different styles, but, for years now, they have all remained clean and tidy. This has encouraged bathroom designers to look at smart storage as a way to upgrade bathroom organization. Looking for inspiration in the kitchen, designers have totally revamped drawers and cabinets to accommodate bathroom essentials, from hair curlers and dryers, to medicine and makeup. Smart bathroom storage is even planned to contain electric and USB ports, to accommodate the latest in-bathroom electronic tech.

Natural Textures

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When it comes to bathroom textures, 2017 will be the year when natural materials make a complete comeback. In recent years, wood has been frequently seen in bathrooms, but now, more than ever, stained and whitewashed wood will add warmth to contemporary bathroom design, extending even to the floors and connecting the bathroom to the rest of the home. Additionally, designers are turning to terracotta and stone as a replacement for ceramic tiles, while subtle details, like bathroom plants, add to the organic feel.

Dimensional Tiles

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Although they have been a popular trend in Europe in previous years, dimensional tiles will only now sweep the world’s latest bathroom design. Owing to advancements in water jet and 3D laser technology, tile designers and manufacturers have come up with visually enticing tiles that will make any bathroom stand out. The price of tiles depends on the material they are made of. However, they are a perfect option for making accent walls thanks to their rich texture.

Visible Matte Piping

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This year, modern bathroom design will take inspiration from its vintage brethren, and make use of exposed piping as a clever detail in bathrooms. Instead of vintage copper pipes and tubes, designers will look to a colder and flatter alternative by choosing galvanized steel with a matte finish, instead. This will expose the bathroom’s inner-clockwork, making it a visually attractive and eye-catching detail anyone will enjoy.

Freestanding Bath Tubs

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Blue Lagoon Bathrooms, one of the leaders in bathroom design in Australia, say freestanding bath tubs will indeed remain key in modern bathroom design in 2017, as well. However, unlike previous years, experts suggest removing any platforms or decks from the equation. This minimalistic approach highlights the tub’s freestanding sculptural beauty, while organically adapting to the rest of the master bathroom, regardless of its shape.

New Shower Designs

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Showers are also set to improve in 2017. Smaller glass showers with multiple showerheads will enhance your shower experience, as you can enjoy a full-body spray. Additionally, designers are also keen on implementing vertical spas, with adjustable showerheads able to swirl up to 90 degrees and spray at varying speeds. Alternatively, designers are also looking into extending the style decor of the bathroom into the shower, by choosing rainshowers instead of the classic shower design.

Remember, natural organic textures plus functional, visually enticing bathroom features are IN this year. Follow these trends to make an impact in bathroom design, and make your bathroom a stand-out feature of your home. Find inspiration for your bathroom renovation, and create a comfortable, contemporary oasis of pleasure you will enjoy day in and day out.

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