Know the Facts About Diet Pills and Weight Loss

Weight Loss

The increasing popularity of weight loss supplements has resulted in more and newer weight loss pills on the market. As the number increases each year, consumers may find it difficult to decide which one will really help them to lose weight.

Perhaps you may be fortunate enough to find one that’s just right for you, but how can you tell a safe diet pill from the ones that might be dangerous to your health. Side effects are usually associated with any type of medication that is ingested; over-the-counter as well as prescription drugs.

There are supplements that are safe and will work, but in order to know which one is safe for you, it is crucial that you understand what the different supplements can do and how they work.  You can go to to learn more about diet pills

How do Diet Pills Work?

First, let’s look at the effectiveness of the popular diet pills in the market.

  • You have many different ways to lose weight and the majority of slimming products include ingredients that can manage one or more.
  • There are diet products that act as blockers and prevent your body from absorbing the ingested fats. These are called lipid inhibitors or fat blockers.
  • Other supplements help to regulate your desire to eat, which creates a caloric shortage and persuade your body to start fat burning, and these are referred to as appetite suppressant pills.
  • The most common type are fat burners: These help to increase your metabolic rate and lead to burning a number of calories all through the day.

We will look more closely at the particular details about each type of weight loss supplements.

  1. Fat Blockers

Fat blockers are the newest and more popular fat loss products. They help to rid your body of fat by preventing your body from absorbing a specific percentage of the dietary fats you eat.

The key ingredients in fat blockers are Chitosan and Orlistat.  These ingredients enter your digestive system and combine with the fat in the food you eat. This now prevents your body from absorbing the ingested dietary fats so your body will not have any fat to store.

Fat Blockers Side Effects

Fat blockers do have side effects:

There is downside to fat blockers because ingesting a fat blocker can also prevent your body from absorbing the needed nutrients. This is the reason why you need to take an extra multivitamin supplement to counteract the loss.

Another disadvantage to fat blockers is that the fat connected to the main ingredients in your diet pill will have to be expelled from your body. When this happens, you‘ll have unrestrained bowel movement along with stomach pains including some amount of embarrassment. Persons who have used Alli will confirm that this really happens.

Here are a few common fat blocking supplements: Alli, Chitosan and Xenical

  1. Appetite Suppressants

Appetite suppressants are pretty much the leading supplements on the market and are in high demand. They help in controlling your desire to eat so you don’t eat when you should.

Diet pills that are appetite suppressants help to reduce your appetite by persuading the chemicals and hormones in your body to send messages to mislead your brain, which tell you are full when you are not.

These appetite suppressants either remove the feelings of hunger or interfere with your body’s hunger signals to the brain. They also control you serotonin intake and make you feel fuller faster. Since your brain is in preoccupied mode, you will not have the desire to eat more food.

Appetite Suppressants’ side effects

Do appetite suppressants have any side effects? Yes, here are the side effects associated with supplement use, and they vary greatly and range from anxiety to heart palpitations.

Natural supplements hardly ever have any severe side effects, but prescription diet pills like Fastin and Osymia will come with side effects.

However, these diet pills are not suitable for prolonged use because some persons can become dependent on these supplements, which will minimize the effectiveness they had once. Read this

Here are few common appetite suppressants: Green coffee bean extract, Glucomannan, Hoodia and Phentermine.

  1. Boosting Metabolic Rate

You can boost your metabolism naturally in different ways, but the preferred way for most persons is taking supplement. They do this to help accelerate their metabolic rate hoping to get quicker results. It is for this reason why diet pills, which help to accelerate your metabolism, are as popular as fat burners.

Among the commonest ingredients in diet pills is a type of stimulant present in 137 form; Trimethylxanthine, Synephrine HCL or Citrus Aurantium (Bitter Orange). These ingredients work together to fuel your body to discharge hormones into your bloodstream to accelerate your metabolism and provide you with a burst of energy.

Even though you will feel the early rush of positive effects when you’re taking boosters to speed up your metabolism, avoid overdoing it with diet pills.

Metabolic Boosters’ Side Effects

The body can regulate and stimulate or over-stimulate itself, however, this may lead to the opposite of what you intended your body to do initially.

Take your metabolic boosters in moderation, because if you do not, you will not enjoy the full benefits from the effectiveness and this can damage your progress over time. The best thing to do is cycle the weight loss supplements by taking them for 12 weeks then go on a 4 weeks rest after.  This will allow your body to evade burnout and protect you from the effects of the stimulants in them.

Here are the most popular metabolic enhancers: FenFast 375, Lipo6, Phen375, PhenQ and Phentramin-D

Can a Supplement be Effective and safe at the same time?

It is true that many of the pills used as dietary supplements for weight loss are both safe and effective if used according to the labeled instructions. They can kickstart your fat loss effort even when you hit a plateau and can also act as a motivator from the very beginning.

Ensure that you do not abuse or overuse these supplements because they will rebound with side effects that can be mild, critical or even fatal. The ideal thing to do when you start thinking about taking supplements is talk with your doctor or weight loss professional before you make that final decision.