Living Room Decorating Ideas


The living room deserves a unique and perfect decoration, because it’s the heart and soul of a home. Decorating the living room in the way that reflects your lifestyle and your family’s preferences will make you and your guests feel comfortable and enjoy your time together. However, furnishing a living room can be challenging sometimes, but with a couple of creative ideas, you’ll be able to make perfect arrangements.

White Hues


White on white gives the room a sophisticated polished look. Furthermore, it’s the perfect colour for small rooms, because painting the walls white will visually enlarge the space. However, if you feel like the ambience reminds you of a hospital, it’s good to make a contrast with various colours. For maintaining a deluxe look, add black to balance out the white. A black coffee table and a pair of black ottomans, matched with the rest of the white furniture, alongside a black and white rug would look highly sophisticated. What’s more, if your walls are also white, black picture frames would provide just the right balance. Add black TV, stereo, and black and white flower pots to every corner of the room, and create the perfectly luxurious living room.

Pop of Colour


If your living room has plenty of natural light, try to decorate it with vibrant colours so that it looks welcoming and interesting. Lime green walls in combination with white moulding is one of the best choices when you want to make the room pop. Add a turquoise armchair with a colourful cushion, a brown coffee table and a dark grey sofa to sooth the effect of the lime green walls. With brown shelves and end tables, the room will look incredibly good. A combination of lime green and light orange will be another great idea. Therefore, paint two walls green and other two orange. Add a white lamp, beige furniture, and complete everything with a glass coffee table.

Go for Yellow

Pale yellow is one of the most suitable colours for the living room. It’s welcoming and it’ll make the space look brighter and bigger. This is especially true if you have large windows or bi fold doors that bring a lot of sunlight into the room. Pale yellow walls in combination with dark grey furniture will look stylish and elegant. Add cushions with white and pale yellow tones to match the walls and balance out the dark grey. A sunny yellow ottoman and a light grey coffee table in combination with light grey end tables would look polished and beautiful. For final addition, incorporate a white vase with yellow flowers to add a bit of spring-like ambience.

Blue Tones

room-decor-ideas-room-ideas-living-room-living-rooms-living-room-ideas-blue-living-room-ideas-3Blue has a rather serene, relaxing and calming effect on people, so it would be a good idea to decorate the living room with blue hues. Cerulean is one of the most recommended colours for the living room because it encourages the feeling of relaxation. Therefore, if your room is big enough, feel free to paint the walls cerulean and balance it out with white furniture. Alternatively, a small room should have white walls and cerulean accents. Drapes, cushions, ottomans, and cerulean vases would look highly sophisticated in combination with white furniture and rugs.

Decorating the living room can be challenging, but exciting as well. It’s not always easy to know which colours would be best for your space, so make sure to do research before you start decorating. Have in mind the size of the room, and the current colours that you’ve incorporated into the décor. If you’re decorating on a budget, just try to adjust the new accents with the current colours and make the entire process less expensive. Consider some of the previous ideas and you’ll definitely have a beautiful living room in no time.

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