Top 10 Diving Spots In Croatia

With more than a thousand islands, Croatia boasts of a variety of wildlife scenic spots as well as beautiful coastlines. It also offers the best water sports activity, especially scuba diving. Because of its numerous access to the sea, Croatia provides water sports enthusiasts the experience to explore the underwater scenery.

Here is a list of the top ten diving spots which are found in this Mediterranean country.

1. Taranto, Dubrovnik
Located on the coast of Dubrovnik, the Taranto wreck has been submerged in the sea since the year 1943. Corals have formed inside and around the ship which attracts different schools of fish. Divers can roam around the shipwreck and can also swim in some parts but with some caution.

2. Te Vega, Susac
In order to reach the best diving spot, you have to enter an underwater tunnel that will bring you to the Te Vega sea lake. Divers will be greeted by 30m high walls and the lake is filled with gobies and parrotfish.

3. Premuda, Pag
Premuda’s diving spot is best known as the “Cathedral” since the experience in swimming through holes where sunlight passes through feels like walking inside an illuminated church. The magical feel of this phenomena can only be experienced in a good weather condition when the water is highly lit by the sunlight.

4. Zuc Kamen, Podgora
Also known as Yellow Stone, Zuc Kamen is famous for its giant mussel, the Pinna Nobilis, which is only seen in the Mediterranean. This mussel is considered to be one of the largest bivalves in the world, which grows up to 120cm long.

5. Bisevo Grotto, Vis Island
Bisevo Grotto or Blue Grotto is best known for its mysterious sea cave and offers a diving spot that can reach up to 80 to 90 feet deep. Because of its wide area, you can found a lot of marine animals swimming about.

6. Island Brac, Purple Bay
Purple Bay offers four different diving spots, each of them is a home to a lush and healthy marine life. You could also chance upon the occasional visitation of spotted sharks around the area.

7. Vruja, Tucepi
Vruja offers a lot of underwater canyons that are surrounded by vibrant corals as well as a vast variety of species. Aside from that, Vruja is also known for its sweet water spring. You can also found some underwater caves in this great diving spot.

8. Pakleni, Hvar
Pakleni Island is known for its Vodnjak Reefs. The magnificent reefs are surrounded by colorful corals which are housed by different types of brightly colored fish. Divers get to see an almost clear visibility upon exploring this part of the sea.

9. Klokun, Podgora
Klokun consists of fresh water springs. The diving spot has an underwater cave entrance which expands up to 25m. Podgora is made famous by Klokun’s fresh water fountain as well as its beautiful beaches.

10. Garma, Tucepi
Located in the south of Tucepi, Garma boasts of 40m long reefs that are inhabited by large schools of fish, octopi, as well as zooanthids. It also offers small caves that divers can fit through in order to see the marine life dwelling there.

Although there are lots of scuba diving centers across the Croatian coast which offer all sorts of different courses for beginners and also for experienced divers. In case you are experienced diver with adventurous spirit you can get a boat from a local charter and explore these amazing sites by yourself.