Indoor and Outdoor Weddings – Pros and Cons

Our world is riddled with intriguing questions. What’s older? Chicken or the egg? American elections? Why there’s no music on MTV? What’s going on with all those beards? What’s better – an indoor or outdoor wedding? And while all these questions are interesting to debate, there are all of secondary importance to our daily lives. All except one, and all the brides and grooms-to-be know the one we’re talking about. Let’s see if we can throw some interesting arguments into the conversation.

Indoor Weddings


  • You don’t have to worry about weather – If you choose an indoor wedding you won’t be stressing over weather. You’ll already have too many things to stress about. Weather may come knocking at your back door, ruin few photos and get few of your guests wet. But, those can be qualified more as minor annoyances than real problems.

  • You have control over temperature – Well at least to an extent. If it becomes too hot or too cold, you can always put the air conditioning to some good use. Or, if you really want to experience that fresh outdoor breeze, open up few windows. That breeze probably doesn’t appear as friendly if you have to be outside.

  • A lot of room for interesting setups – Think of the wedding venue as of theater stage. You can crate whichever setup you want and make your wedding truly unforgettable. Granted, you can do all these things outside too, but never underestimate the added benefit of walls and ceiling.


  • High demand – So, you’ve decided to shelter your wedding from bad weather by resorting to some indoor venue. Do you honestly think that you’re the only one who came up with that idea? Finding an appropriate venue can sometimes be a real ordeal, especially during rainy months.

  • Logistics – All indoor venues have a maximum capacity of guests they can host. Finding the one that will fit your wedding list perfectly may be much harder than it sounds. And then, there’s the question of parking space, delivery options, vendors trying to levy shady catering deals on you and so on and so on.

Outdoor Weddings



  • Outdoor setting – Let’s get this clear – No amount of Potemkin villages, you are going to move into the wedding hall will make your wedding look as stunning as some beautiful outdoor setting. And weather is not that big of an issue either. Affordable shade sails you can find online can save your guests even in the case of light rain.

  • Best of both worlds – We already mentioned that every scenario you can do in the wedding venue can also be done in an outdoor setting, albeit with little more inconvenience. But just think for a second – is little inconvenience something that will prevent you from having a perfect wedding? If you’re outside, you’ll have all the creative advantages of the enclosed space and none of disadvantages.


  • Wildlife – Granted, squirrels, seagulls, rabbits and insects are not that much of a wildlife to begin with, but just imagine seagull crushing into your wedding cake. A perfectly possible scenario, and the one you’d like to stay away from as far as possible.

  • Restrooms and Toilets – Two of the greatest advantages of the urban lifestyle. While, both of these issues can be addressed, its undeniable that making everything work in the outdoor setting is a logistical nightmare too. Throw the renting costs into equation and you must start wondering is it really worth the bother.


Wedding has to one of the most important events in one’s life, and as such, it is always memorable. Among the many factors that make those memories amazing or lukewarm is the venue. Go through the mentioned advantages and disadvantages of outdoor and indoor setting, and see which one is the best for you.