How To Love Yourself As A Plus-Size Person

Being plus size these days is definitely not easy – particularly because the picture of a woman’s body is pretty much twisted thanks to the fashion industry and the social media. They dictate how we should look, which is more than unreasonable – each woman is an individual with her own attitudes, opinions, and body measurements. Learning how to love yourself is the key – stay with us and find out how to manage that for your own good.

Talk about your body…

No matter which size you are, don’t be afraid to talk about your body. Being ashamed of your own appearance is something that happens to almost every person in the world – no matter the gender, age, or profession. There’s nothing wrong about that; however, it can grow into something much more serious and frustrating if you don’t share it with someone. Talking about what bothers you is the key to success – as soon as you let it go, you’ll feel much better!

… But avoid negative self-talk

We know that it can be very difficult to break this bad habit, but you really need to stop it right now! In the today’s era of slim models and celebrities that bombard us with their perfectly photoshopped photos, maintaining a positive self-image can often seem like an impossible mission. However, you should know that body shaming and being negative towards yourself won’t help you! Cut that out and you’ll see an instant improvement!

Say ‘thank you’ when someone compliments you


Plus-size girls tend to see every compliment as a backhanded one, which may place its giver into a quite awkward position. If that’s the case with you, try to be more open towards the possibility that they really meant to sincerely compliment your looks. Learn to say ‘thank you’ when someone compliments you – it doesn’t hurt, and it’ll definitely boost your self-confidence and even improve your own body image!

Do things you actually enjoy

Don’t eat something just because it’s ‘good’ – if you don’t enjoy it, it simply won’t have the anticipated effect! If you hate green salad, there’s no point in eating it, even though it’s perfect for your diet. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should choke with junk food – you shouldn’t eat it too often under any circumstances. The same goes for exercising – if you believe that you must work out just because it’s ‘good’, it won’t get you anywhere. Of course it’s healthy, but in order for it to work for you, you’ll have to enjoy it! Don’t be so harsh on yourself and everything will be just fine.

Wear the clothes you feel comfortable in

Don’t allow anyone to tell you what to and what not to wear – you can wear whatever you want as long as you feel comfortable in it! You don’t need anyone’s approval to show some skin if that’s what you want. The good news is that the fashion industry is finally catching on after decades of disapproving anything plus size. However, there’s a significant shift towards plus-size fashion trends these days, which encourages women size 14 and up to finally step into the spotlight. Check out #WeWearWhatWeWant hashtag and realize that plus size doesn’t mean ugly and inappropriate – but empowering and inspiring!

Loving yourself no matter what is essential – you’re much more than a number at the back of your shirt or dress! Remember that you’re an intelligent, beautiful, and fierce woman who can change the world, and that doesn’t depend on your size. So, stop body shaming yourself and start loving your body just as it is!