Pack For Australia: A Family Vacation List


If you decided to spend your vacation in Australia, prepare for an adventure. From casual walks and lazy days on the beach to exploring expeditions and various sports activities – this land of many possibilities will offer you everything you can imagine, you only need to relax and let go.

As you probably already know, traveling with kids is much different than it was while you were a single girl/man. But, if this is your first time, be prepared for numerous unexpected situations and challenges and bring many “just in case” things, if you want to be sure that you have everything covered. But, there’s no need to panic or to exaggerate when imaging all possibilities that may get you during the trip.

Your packing list for clothes depends of the number of days you’re planning to stay and the type of the trip. These tips should help you with your vacation preps.
Clothes and footwear for mom and dad

  • A couple of t-shirts and tops that can be appropriate for the city wear and for hanging at the beach as well.
  • Few shorts that can be easily combined with upper garments and preferably ones that can be worn for the night out.
  • One pair of jeans and one light summer long pants.
  • One or two cute summer dresses for city tours and evening walks.
  • One or two long sleeved shirts and lightweight cardigans which will be handy for windy days or nights.
  • Always bring that one special piece of clothing, like a pretty dress or skirt, for some special occasion that may come up – like a fancy family dinner or a night club (if you find somebody to babysit your children).
  • Your favorite sarong can be very useful and transform in any needed piece at the moment – from the accessories and skirt to the picnic throw.
  • You should bring 2 or 3 bathing suits. It may seem much, but you’ll be probably spending more time at the beach than you think, so you’ll have to change them more often. You’ll see that this will be you no. 1 item, so seize the opportunity and check for brand new models of swimwear online and find the one that suit you the best.
  • Enough underwear.
  • Bring one pair of flip-flops and one pair of comfortable flat sandals for longer walks. Also, just in case, pack one pair of court shoes.


  • A couple of short sleeved t-shirts and two long sleeved shirts, that can be combined for daily and evening venue.
  • One nice shirt for special occasions and clubs.
  • 2 or 3 shorts and one pair of long pants.
  • Enough underwear for the duration of vacation.
  • 3 pair of swimming trunks.
  • Bring one pair of flip-flops and sandals if you usually wear it. Comfortable snickers are more than welcome, just in case.


Kids’ necessities
This category mainly depends on the age of your child/children. Basically, you should pack enough summer outfits for each child (if there’s more than one), which includes both short and long garments. If you have a girl, leggings are always good and comfortable options that can be useful in various outfits. Underwear, bathing suits and PJs are implied and when it comes to shoes, make sure to appropriately protect their little feet when they start exploring all over the beach. Also, bring them hats to protect them from the sun.

Overall, make sure to secure layered clothing for everyone, because weather in Australia can be very unpredictable. Don’t forget to pack umbrellas and water-proof jackets or raincoats. Also, the Sun in Australia is stronger than in other places, so protection should be one of your main priorities. To prevent unpleasant events, don’t forget to apply sunscreen with high SPF regularly and wear hats and sunglasses.

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