Significance and Power of Rudraksha Beads


Rudraksha beads have the power to bring strength to the mind of the wearer. We have many varieties of beads, each with a different number of faces. The origin of the beads has an effect. Indonesian beads act with lower intensity than the Nepali ones. The beads have a sanctifying effect through sight, touch, and japa (prayer).

The rudraksha 3 mukhi symbolizes the fire. It has an all-powerful strength to purify and at the same time consume everything. In doing so, it purifies the person totally and removes his or her sins. People who undergo abortion have their sins removed.

Health and spiritual benefit

People suffering from inferiority complex, self-hatred or those experiencing mental strain must wear this rudraksha. The sins obtained from the past births will vanish due to the three mouths of the bead. The wearer would never fall sick and the sins acquired birth after birth will disappear when one wears the rudraksha 3 mukhi.

The ruling planet of this rudraksha bead is Mars. One must wear this on Monday for best effect. People who can benefit from this are those undergoing stress and depression, children afflicted by fever often, and those who have illnesses related to the gall bladder and the liver.

  1. Cures defects of the eye
  2. Diabetes
  3. Fever
  4. Blood pressure
  5. Ailments of the stomach

Positive effects from wearing the rudraksha


The 3 mukhi rudraksha helps you fight against the ill effects of the planet Mars. These ill effects include blood poisoning, accidents, and land disputes. Before you wear the rudraksha, wash it in Ganga Jal and unboiled milk.

The plus points of wearing this rudraksha are these:

  • It helps remove obstacles of the wearer
  • Burns past karmas
  • Releases one from feeling of shame and hurt
  • It soothes the mind and body
  • One develops more self-respect
  • You start on the path to success
  • Stress in the body will vanish

The power of the beads

The power of three controls the universe. The 3 mukhi bead removes laziness and makes the person energetic. Rudraksha beads come from the rudraksha trees that grow only in Indonesia, India, Nepal, and Thailand. These beads have faces or mukhi. The number of faces increases from one up to 36. You have rarer beads like the Ganesha, Gauri Shankar, Garbh Gauri, Sawar, Trijuti, and Nirmukhi. The most common one is the 5 face rudraksha.

Who should wear the beads and its price

The 3 mukhi rudraksha price is 450 INR if the bead is from Nepal and 90 INR for those from Java. You can wear a mala of 54+1 beads of the Indonesian type. Children below six years of age can wear one bead. Adults can wear 9 beads of the Nepal variety. The bead restricts the negative forces and brings peace to the wearer. His house will never suffer destruction due to fire. His or her health will improve and they will never fall sick.

Since the wearer of this rudraksha will not have another birth, he or she attains moksha. They attain liberation from the endless cycle of rebirth. The person develops sharp thinking.