Pair Your Fashion Watch With Your Attire – Useful Tips to Follow


The present-day world has made it imperative for people to be well turned out! It could be the desire to look good in photos and real-time, that people are interested in investing in the best attires and accessories. Concerning accessories, both men and women love their watch. Each has their favorite brands to select from.

Gone are the days of generic and average looking watches! Both men and women want to flaunt a watch that provides a perfect blend of utility and ultra-chic design. It is the reason why many people opt-in for the fashion watches designed by esteemed brands.

However, it is essential to pair your attire perfectly with a branded fashion watch. Else, your look might not look complete. Also, a fashion watch should always complement your dress and other accessories. You can use the following tips:

Decide your look based on the watch design

There should be sync between your watch design and your attire! For instance, if your branded fashion watch comes with a big dial and a leather finish watch strap, it’s better to go easy on your outfit color and material. Wearing a cotton dress or shirt with corduroy pants is the best fit. If your leather watch strap has a glossy finish, you can choose a subdued and sober color dress to balance the color palette. And if your watch strap is matte, you can add a little spark here and there in your outfit.

Be careful with the embellished stones

Generally, fashion watches have adorned stones studded on them. Women need to plan their jewelry based on these stone embellishments. If you watch has several such studded stones in the dial, you need to go easy on your jewelry. Probably, you could give your earrings a miss and wear a delicate pendant, with a dainty locket. That will balance the look.

Match your shoe

Style-conscious women are always at a fix with their shoes. While pairing your watch with a shoe, choose wedges or stilettos. If you prefer flats, you could opt-in for pumps. If you watch is embellished with stones and other a shiny watch strap, make sure that your shoe has a nude or natural shade. It’s always good if the texture is matte than glossy.

Pair up the correct bag

For women, it’s always best to carry a smart and sober clutch! A black full, fashionable clutch is the right choice. It provides a uniform backdrop when women hold it and make the fashion watch shine out. You can decide on the clutch color based on your outfit and shoe shade. Also, try to carry an average-sized clutch than a big one. Men can choose the leather laptop bags or the tablet covers that complement their fashion watch models.

These are some of the easy ways in which you can pair a fashion watch with your attire. It helps you to sport your best look and not get dressed in an over the top manner. To know more about this, you can check out Casio Singapore.