You Should Know About These Narcotics Hair Testing Methods

Hair Testing

Some jobs have a strict no – drug policy. They just don’t like their employees’ mood to be dependent on drugs. They don’t want their performance to be reduced because of any substances. Some of them frown upon alcohol use. So, you can never know before going on the job interview. If they’ve got that policy, you’ll know for sure. If they don’t tell you, ask them before it’s too late.

Drug tests at any workplace are done because of something. Sometimes, the employer’s have a clear reason for their test. They suspect someone to be using. They’ve probably noticed a lot of signs. So, they’ve got to see if it’s true. Drug abuse can seriously reflect on your job performance and overall mood. You may become aggressive or depressed. It’s different for everyone.

There are different types of drug tests. It all depends on the employer’s preference. They can choose from hair, saliva, blood, and perspiration. These methods show different types of use. Some of them can show if you have recently smoked. Others can detect if you are a long-time user. They’re used for specific purposes. If you have a drug test coming and you have used, you should get clean immediately. You could find out about different types of tests on this link

Who’s using Hair Testing?

Hair drug testing is a particular type of test. It’s mostly used to detect long – term use. It’s less invasive. You don’t have to provide your urine or blood. A doctor will come and scrape off a part of your scalp. They’ll need approximately 3 clumps of hair with 50 strands. That way, you will know the results are reliable for sure. A lot of businesses use this type of examination. Also, the court uses for their parole and probation programs.

Hair Procedures

If you like to experiment with your overall appearance, you probably change your hairstyle a lot. Also, if you use some conditioners, gels, and sprays, you worry if they can tamper with the results. The answer is negative. They don’t have any effect. These products actually help you out. You should be warned about something. If you think that shaving it off completely gets you out, you’re wrong. You may get fired immediately. The doctor will know why you shaved it.

How Painful is it?

When people hear about this procedure, they worry that it will hurt. Your employees will likely get scared. Many have phobias of blood tests. They can faint even. So, before announcing the date, you should take some time to explain the procedure. You have to tell them that it isn’t painful. It’s also quick. So, it will be over in a while. Your employees don’t have a cause to worry.

What Drugs can be Detected?

If you are a user, you should be very careful. Hair samples can contain traces from a lot of drugs. So, you should find out about them. You could do some research on how to get weed out of your hair. You have to find out ways to detox. You should know that cocaine, pot, opiates, ecstasy, and other drugs could be shown on this test. So, if you had some recent experience with them, you should start getting yourself clean. However, it can show if you used in the last 3 months.

Different Methods

Testing methods can be different in labs. Some use the proprietary digestion method. It’s done with removing all the drugs. That way, the chances of detection are increased. Others like to leach the substances. However, the traces can be destroyed in the process. Some technicians like to use a wash procedure. So, there are many methods. It all depends on the lab. They can use the preferred method. But you should know that the results will vary.


If you want to do one at home, you can go to the local pharmacy and buy a home kit. If you don’t like going out, you can buy it online. Some kits cost less than $100. They can detect 12 drugs. As an employer, you should know that you would have to pay for it. The kits can cost a lot more if you include the lab and the type of drugs you want to test for. You have to think about the person’s time as well. However, you could check if the health insurance companies cover these costs. Sometimes they do.

How to Use a Home Kit?

If you want to try for yourself and see if you can pass it, you could buy a home test. If you don’t know how to do it, read the manual. There’re clear instructions. You’ll have to follow them. You will have to wrap the sample. Then, you could mail them to a lab you prefer. You can see the results by calling the lab. Also, if you don’t like talking on the phone, go online. You could learn how to do it here.

Hair Analysis vs. Urinalysis

The main difference between these 2 tests is the detection period. They’ll show the same drugs. But most of them pass through your pee in a few days. Any traces of THC will be visible in your hair for a few months. You can’t get someone else’s pee or do some sort of trick. Even if you shave it, the doctors can pull it out of your arm. So, you’re screwed either way. Your only way out is detox.

Some people feel more comfortable with this than peeing in a cup. If there has to be a supervisor in the room, it’s more humiliating. Employees will feel threatened and ashamed for sure. Urine can get watered down easily. The lab people may think you’re pulling some trick on them. Urinalysis can get unreliable results. So, you would have to do another test. It’s not logical. Lab results for a hair analysis can take a while. You may have some time left.