Romantic Bedroom Lighting Ideas

Lighting Ideas

Our bedrooms are our oases of peace, our personal havens where we flee to when we want to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. It’s here that we go to recharge our batteries and daydream, so the overall ambient should be relaxing and soothing. Lighting plays an important role in creating a romantic atmosphere and it can greatly affect our mood. Therefore, if you’re looking for a way to use lighting in a romantic and dreamy manner in your bedroom, here are some ideas to get you started.

Dimmers for a Romantic Effect

Dimmers are one of the most commonly used lighting options for “setting the mood”. This is a simple, yet efficient solution which can be easily installed. This multifunctional lighting can meet your different needs – one moment you might need brighter light, the next you can relax in a more sensual ambient. You don’t even have to move – just install remote-controlled dimmers and change lighting when needed.

Take Advantage of Natural Lighting


With little imagination, you can easily create a soothing atmosphere in your bedroom just with the help of natural lighting. If you have larger windows, you can hang gauzy, dreamy curtains for an amazing effect. If you opt for coloured curtains with interesting patterns, you can enjoy beautifully shaped reflections on your wall. Another interesting solution is incorporating skylight into your bedroom – what’s more romantic than watching stars from the comfort of your bed?

Coloured Lights

Coloured lighting is perfect for creating a unique and romantic atmosphere in your bedroom. In addition, it can also affect your emotional, spiritual and mental energy, and different colours are believed to have different effects on human psyche. You can opt for lighting fixtures that switch hues or, even better, that mix them creating an authentic vibe in your bedroom. Depending on your mood and your needs, you can choose the colour that suits you the most and unwind!

The Power of Candles


Candles are a classic choice that achieves amazing results when setting a mood. During the day, they can be a part of your bedroom’s décor, and during the night, they can contribute to a dreamy romantic interior. The experience will be even more magical if you choose scented candles. If you’re afraid of falling asleep while candles are still lit, you should consider obtaining flameless candles that run on batteries. You can place them anywhere you want without worrying about fire breaking out. You can find wall sconces with candle holders that you can hang in your bedroom and then enjoy the mellow flickering light.

Be Careful with Christmas Lights

Christmas lights should be used with caution in interior design, since they can make for a bad taste. The safest option is going with clear twinkle lights and then using them in a subtle manner. You can place them on the top of a shelf, behind light drapes or behind furniture for better results. Too many of these lights in various colours won’t create a romantic atmosphere, but a festive one in the middle of summer.

Romantic Accent Lights


Since you’re considering different ways to use lighting in your bedroom, you should think in terms of both romantic mood and décor statement. Lighting fixtures can be used as accent elements in your bedroom while still creating a sensual mood. You can opt for Superlight LED lighting fixtures to create a romantic and relaxing atmosphere in your bedroom. Going with decorative LED Moonspheres will definitely make a powerful décor statement and complement your bedroom’s unique interior design. In addition, LED lights are a more energy efficient option, since they don’t emit carbon dioxide and have a longer lifespan.
Picking proper lighting is important if you want to create a unique atmosphere in your bedroom. Moreover, it can also affect your motivation, imagination and mood, so make sure to choose lighting options that meet your needs.