Remodeling Your House Without Breaking The Bank

Do some of the work yourself

When remodeling a house, you want to do as many things as possible. Turn your basement into a guest room, change the hanging kitchen cabinets, change the tiles in your bathroom, the list is endless. But one thing that is limiting your ideas is the budget you have at your disposal. But there’s no need discard your ideas just because of the lack of money. With some careful planning you could cut the cost of your remodel. Here are some helpful tips to save you some money.

No need to buy everything new

If you’re doing your own remodeling, there is a way you could save a lot of money. Recycled and barely used materials can be found at half price at recycling centers. Contractors don’t like using these materials since they aren’t brand new; if something goes wrong they are at fault, and that is a risk they are not willing to take. If you are a do-it-yourself person, visiting a recycling center can let you save a pretty penny. You can find anything from light fixtures, insulations, windows and doors.

Do some of the work yourself

Do some of the work yourself

Best case scenario would be to buy the materials and the all the work yourself. But perhaps you have to work, or aren’t much of a handyman or you simply prefer paying someone to do the job. You could save some money and do some of the work yourself. You could do the prep work, if something needs to be demolished or taken apart. Do some of the finishing touches yourself, cleaning up at the end of the day saves contractor’s time. And in this case, time actually is money.

Visit the auction

Another great way to save up on materials is to buy the stuff at an auction. Here you can score pretty much anything, concrete blocks, bathtubs, tiles, flooring materials. Some of it might be pre-used, has some scratches and dents, but it’s always specified in what condition the item is. After all, you will see it before you buy it, so don’t forget to inspect it first. Some of this materials are brand new overstock, so there is a good reason to give these auctions a visit.

Cheap materials

Visit the auction

If you hire a contractor for a job, ask him if he has materials left over from other jobs. Chances are, there are some unused materials which you could get under the usual price. Contractors can also get you unused materials from other construction sites. They usually buy more than they need, just in case something goes wrong. People usually let contractors keep these materials as they have no use for them, and sometimes contractors reimburse them for it.

Ask your contractor to make a few phone calls and see if they can find any leftover materials that you could get for a cheaper price. You might find cheap wood flooring for your living room or materials for your long overdue roof restoration.

Think long term

It is always better to think in advance. This also goes for remodeling a part of a house. It is better to spend money now, than to have to do the same remodeling job a year later. So, if the contractor offers you several options, chances are there is a reason that some cost less. Always think about the long term solution and not the quick fix.

Remodeling your house doesn’t mean you have to go broke or cut back on your ideas because of your budget. Use these helpful tips to save you some money and still get the work done.