Some Parenting Tips and Hacks To Make your Life Fun and Simpler


Below here are some parenting tips which will help you handle your kids in a much better way. Try these tricks to seek benefit from them.

  1. In case of minor burns use vinegar: Just soak a paper towel and apply vinegar to the burn till the skin gets cooled. Apply it instantly after a burn to prevent a blister on your kid.
  2. Avoid your kids from locking themselves in the washroom: Keep the door unlocked via a rubber band. Use one bog rubber band on either side of the door to prevent the knob from locking it.
  3. Keep a spray bottle in the car to cool the scorching buckles of seat belt: Mist spray bottle on the buckles to cool them. The water need not be cool.
  4. Make your kids clean their room: You can get your son or daughter to clean their messy room by using humor and cleverness. It will inculcate cleaning habits in them
  5. Prevent your kids from using new stuff while leaving the old ones scattered: Give them their own mugs and cups and plates and make them love it. This will make them keep it clean and use only one utensil for themselves without scattering the kitchen.
  6. Teach your kid to hold the pencil in the correct manner with this trick: Keep a wad of paper behind their last two fingers to help them write in the right way and hold the pencil accurately.
  7. Dress your kids in matching outfits so that even if they go missing, you can recognise them from a distance
  8. If going out, then write your phone number on your child’s arm or put it in a card around their neck. So, in case they go missing, someone will contact you.
  9. You can keep the pacifiers clean in your bag by storing them in sauce-to-go containers.
  10. Keep a bulletin board in your kid’s room to keep them organized: Post reminders, their daily time tables and chores of the day on it. It is a great place to keep them updated about what’s coming up next. A great place for this is the shoe area.
  11. Make your baby enhance his creativity in the garden with a big sheet. Yes rather than making them dirty the walls and furniture of the house, give them a big sheet to paint and enhance their creativity in the garden.
  12. Make batches of food for a whole week. You can make their menu for a whole week. This will help them be mentally prepared for what’s coming for them this supper or lunch. Hence, there will no resistance while eating.
  13. Use best bike trailer for their travelling. Bike trailers give your baby the perfect time to move around with family. It helps you maintain an active lifestyle and carry your kids along for the ride. So, not just you, even your kids enjoy the ride along with you and develop healthy habits for the future.