The Basics of Home Appliance Warranties and Its Coverage

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The time when your 20-year-old refrigerator notices a leakage what do you do? Your first instinct might be to decide for a costly repair or a costlier replacement. Therefore, if you have a home appliance warranty the repair could be free or covered in the plans.

People buy a new home and many homeowners fill their home with appliances and they are too expensive but important purchases. The buyer is always worried about its lifetime. Therefore, they choose to buy a home appliance warranty plans.

What is Home Appliance Warranty?

Basically, a home appliance warranty is a yearly service that covers the repair or replacement of important appliances or components that break down after some time. In other terms, a home warranty is like a 1-year service contract that covers the repairs and replacements of most home appliances because of failure, standard utilization, and other different issues that occur due of age.

What is covered?

A home appliance warranty will typically cover most significant parts of substantial home systems, for example, your HVAC (central heating ventilation air condition), hot water dispenser, plumbing, electrical and many more. It might likewise cover day to day used appliances, for example, dishwashers, clothes dryers, refrigerators, and stoves.

How does it work?

When your home appliance or system fail or break down, call your warranty company. The primary goal of the company is to make your clients feel secure and protected in their new purchase and warranty plans.

If the breakdown is covered by the plan, they will ask you to file your claim. Therefore, before you file, have your receipt and damaged appliance with you. They will verify it and find a specific appliance protection plans for your item. After specifying the plans, they will ask for information about your device and the damage or problem associated with it. And finally, claims are approved instantly.

The appliances that require warranties are:

          • Dishwasher
          • Garbage disposal
          • Oven/ Range
          • Cooktop
          • Ice Makers
          • Kitchen Fan/Exhaust Hood
          • Trash Compactor
          • Freezer
          • Refrigerators
          • Microwave
          • Clothes Dryer and Washer

Most protection plans cover:

          • Heating systems
          • Cooling systems
          • Plumbing systems
          • Electrical systems

Review the home warranty contract

Make it clear that a home appliance warranty covers home appliance and systems that have failed from common wear and tear. Get a sample contract from the warranty provider and discuss the ins and outs of the contract. Do not hesitate to call the home warranty company’s customer service for detailed explanations.

Home warranties OR home insurance

Unlike home warranties, home insurance is a requirement with a mortgage and it covers the damage from burglary or any natural disaster like a flood. Home Warranties cover the systems that make up the home, and in addition the appliances that the homeowners utilize every day.  All home warranty companies have different levels of coverage and plans, which mostly depend on the price of the warranty.

Final note.

Well, in order to protect your appliances, form normal wear and tear there are many third-party providers who offer a total home protection plan for appliances that provide coverage for 17 of your household appliances and coverage for your choice of four major household systems. Well, to keep your appliances well maintained its worth to get a home appliance covered.


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