Spring Cleaning Checklist: 5 Ways to Restore your Car to its Previous Luster

vehicle detailing and cleaning

The weather can have a lot of impact on the interior, and exterior of the car. Consider using the spring cleaning checklist if you want to get your car ready for spring.

1. Starting from the bottom

The first thing to do when it comes to freshening up the car for spring is removing the salt from the underside of the vehicle. Connect your garden hose to a spigot, then drag it out to the car then reach directly underneath in order to wash the area that has been exposed. If you don’t think this is your kind of thing, then you should consider taking the car to a brushless car wash that has an undercarriage wash.

2. Washing and Waxing the Car

If you decide to wash the car yourself, then you should go with a powder or liquid cleaner for the body. If you notice tar or other stains on the finish, then you should choose a stronger formula that has been designed to protect the finish and remove any stubborn spots. You should always avoid abrasives that will result in scratches on the paint, such as steel wool. Once the car is dry, you can then start applying wax on it. You should give synthetic polymer-based wax a try if you are interested in longer-lasting protection.

3. Checking the Tires

Many standard car wash cleaners usually don’t focus on cleaning the tires. You can clean them using a tire and wheel cleaner. Apply tire-cleaner liberally to the outer surface, then take a tire brush and scrub back and forth vigorously. Once you are finished, take the cleaner and apply it to the wheels, and let the solution to set for a minute, then take a clean paintbrush and use it in removing any debris. Rinse the tire and wheel with a hose. Finally, dry it using a microfiber towel.

4. Replacing the Wiper Blades

The best time of replacing your wiper blades is at the start of spring, especially if you notice that the rubber has cracked. Wiper blades usually last for about six months �” if you notice a skipping or streaking on your windshield, then it is time to replace it. You can use any window solution to clean the rear and front windows.

5. Cleaning the interior

The salt and grime that was attacking the exterior of your car most likely found its way to the inside of your car. Take a shop vacuum and use it to remove any dirt between the seats. To clean the cloth seats, use an upholstery cleaner and foaming fabric cleaner. For carpeting, use a stain remover or spot-lifter. For the sensitive areas, use Armour All.

The best option to go with when dealing with leather and woods is to go through the owner’s manual and seeing what cleansers can be used. For many types of leather, using a leather conditioner with high-UV and a pH-balance and has stain repellent and waterproofing will work. When dealing with wood grain surfaces, you should choose a product that has been specifically formulated to clean the type of wood used.

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