Dental Care – Choosing an Emergency Dentist in Greenbelt

Dental Emergency

What is Dental Emergency?

For the sake of simplicity, we will simply define a dental emergency as any dental case that requires the immediate attention of a dentist. This covers a wide range of issues including dental traumas, unexplainable pains in the oral and dental region and more. You can get more information on this here.

How Do You Know You Need a Dental Emergency?

A layman may not be able to know for sure if what he or she needs is an emergency dentist or just a general practitioner. However, if a person discovers something that causes him or her great concern regarding his or her teeth, the wise thing would be to immediately call a dentist.

Sometimes, tooth aches can get so bad that a person will be unable to do any other thing. Seeking dental attention at such a time will be a wise decision. Same also goes for accidents that affect the teeth, breaks, cracks, a tooth falling out etc.

This article here discusses this in a bit more detail:

When you contact your dental care giver and explain your situation to him or her, they will be in a better position to determine if your case is an emergency or not. It’s better to be told it’s not an emergency than to think you can handle it only to discover that the situation required immediate professional attention.

Factors to Consider When Choosing an Emergency Dentist

One of the very important things that every individual and family needs to do is to have an emergency dentist they can easily run to should there arise a need for one. You should not wait until there is an emergency before you begin to look for one.

Since it is critical to be sure that any choice you make will be the right one, we will look at a few factors you should consider when making your choice.


This ideally should be the very first thing you consider. A professional you intend to contact in the case of an emergency should not be someone who you cannot get to very easily. You need to be sure you choose one that operates close to you.

If for example you stay in Baltimore MD, it will make no sense to go for an emergency dentist in Greenbelt which is about 24 miles away. Be sure to keep your medical emergency professionals within easy reach.


You need to visit the facility to ensure they have tools to handle a wide variety of situations. You should not wait for an emergency to occur to find out what facilities they have. Perform this due diligence as part of your choosing process.


This is also very important. Ask around to find out what past patients think of the dental clinic you are considering. Word of mouth testimonial remains one of the most reliable. This should be easy to achieve since your search will be restricted to the area around which you live.

Services Rendered

You should also try to find out the services they offer at the clinic. If they offer a wider range of services, they will be most likely better equipped to handle more types of dental emergencies than those equipped to offer fewer services. Besides, it is always better to have all your care needs met at a single location rather than having to get different services at different points.

Open Hours

How many hours are they open for in a day? Emergencies can occur at any time therefore you need clinic that can offer emergency services at all times of the day. It will be basically useless to have an emergency service that is not available during an emergency simply because it occurred outside their hours of operation.

Cost and Insurance

How much does their service cost? Will they accept my health insurance plan? These are two important questions you need answers to before you can make an informed decision. Get more information on dental emergency and insurance here:

 Age Range Accepted

If you have children, be sure to find out what age range can be treated by any clinic you visit. You should of course choose one that can and will treat the people who might need this service be it you or your children.


Aside from having an emergency dentist you can turn to when there is an emergency, you also need to know a few things you should do before rushing off. Do not toy with your oral wellbeing or that of your family. Ensure you and your family are prepared to handle any oral health emergencies that may arise at any time by finding the right help. To know some of the steps you should take, read this.

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