The 6 Most Common Dental Problems In Children

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Several reasons can invite dental problems in our children. Kids from their very young age should teach about the importance of oral hygiene to reduce the episodes of dental issues in children.  So, before that, it is necessary to educate yourself about the types and the common dental glitches that can affect the children. This can lead a road towards the journey of success and helps to keep the children’s dental difficulties at bay.  Don’t worry; we are here to help you know about the 6 most common dental problems that affect children also, shared a few suggestions to help parents to overcome it. So, scroll down the article and keep reading it.

  • Tooth decay: The very common problem seen during infants and toddlers is tooth decay. The main reason to hit on the problem is “consumption of too much sugary drink”. One possible reason for causing this is during their growing age is because the sugar which is leftover in the child’s mouth after taking breast milk or infant formula can cause tooth decay.

Talk to your child’s dentist if you see any signs of tooth decay in your little one. Your child’s doctor can examine the teeth and may suggest you the right care to keep your child’s teeth healthy. Also, he may prescribe a few fluorides supplements to protect the teeth from decay. Buy OTC medicines online from any online pharmacy store and get your medicines delivered at your doorstep.


  • Avoid feeding sugary drinks to your kids, especially during the daytime. Instead, offer him plain water or a pacifier.
  • Don’t provide more than the recommended dosage of sugary drinks to your kid.
  • Check for your baby’s fluoride needs. If your drinking water is not fluorinated, check with your doctor about the fluoride treatments or fluoride supplements.


  • Thumb-sucking:Sucking the thumb is a common and natural problem seen among kids in their growing stage. Make sure not to allow your kid for thumb sucking or to use pacifiers as it may cause misaligned teeth.


  • Avoid feeding sugary drinks to your kids, especially during the daytime. Instead, offer him plain water or a pacifier.
  • If your kid has thumb-sucking habits, politely ask him or her to quiet the thumb habits.
  • Also, reward him whenever he quits the habits.
  • But, if your child is older and still has the habit of sucking the thumb, consulting a doctor is a must. It might have happened for stress, anxiety or other related issues.

  • Early tooth loss:The premature loss of the tooth in children might be due to adequate space in the jaws, injury or tooth decay. Early tooth loss can cause temporomandibular joint and chewing problems.

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Visit the dentist and ask or a space maintainer to hold the space that was caused due to tooth loss.

  • Tooth discolouration: Tooth discolouration is one of the key problems which hit kids of all age groups around the globe. It might have caused due to improper brushing pattern or not washing the mouth properly every time after every meal.


  • Teach your kid a good oral regimen to remove white, brown patches and to eliminate yellowish-tinted teeth.
  • Make your child to build the habit of brushing the teeth twice daily.


  • Tongue thrusting: Tongue thrusting is a condition in which kids push the tongue forward between the lower and upper teeth and swallow. Repeated tongue thrusting in kids causes the teeth to protrude out and also, it can affect speech and dental issues.


  • If your kid is having speech concerns, consult a speech pathologist to strengthen chew muscles.
  • Your doctor might also suggest an alternative method for swallowing.


  • Teeth grinding: This is a very common issue seen among babies and kids. The uncontrolled teeth grinding in kids are produced due to some disquiets in their jaw. Recurrent involuntary motion can erode the children’s tooth enamel and can cause tooth sensitivity and tooth decay.

If you suspect your toddler is grinding the teeth, schedule an appointment with the dentist. The doctor can examine your kid’s teeth to check for any bruxism. If any unusual wear spots are diagnosed, immediate treatments are needed to prevent further damage. If medicines are prescribed for bruxism, order the medicines from the best online pharmacy store in India and avail amazing medicine discount on every order.


Your child’s doctor may suggest wearing a nightguard during his sleeping hours which can eventually cut back his or her teeth grinding habits.

Parents should always support and instil the children about the importance of oral health.  Share your best knowledge about brushing habits and the disadvantage of having too many sweets. Also, motivate your kids to brush their teeth twice daily to avoid tooth decay. Make your kid to have a well-balanced diet for a healthy and happy smile!