What Argan Oil Is, And Why Your Skin Needs It Now

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Comprehensive Bodily Health

If you want to look your best, it’s going to take work. At a basic level, you’ll need to eat the right foods and exercise in the proper amounts regularly to flourish. At an advanced level, you’ve got to think beyond diet and exercise, even considering things like your brain and skin. Many people think the largest organ is the brain, but it’s the skin.

Not to be graphic, but if you could remove the epidermis and dermis, and the brain, the epidermis, and dermis would certainly weigh more. Now, if you’re going to keep your body at its peak, you’ve got to keep your brain at its peak.

That means balanced thinking. Technology is bad for mental health because it keeps your mind circling around singular—and usually negative—topics. When the mind is stuck, the body is stuck, and things snowball negatively from there.

To flourish the most fully, you’ve got to keep your brain healthy. And the skin additionally has to be taken into consideration specifically—blemished skin can make you depressed, and drive your thoughts the wrong way. If you treat it poorly, it will become cracked, wrinkled, and less aesthetically pleasing. A great way to nourish it is the “skin superfood” argan oil.

But Wait: What Is This Stuff?

Now all these things are well and good, but if you don’t know what argan oil is, can you really trust a blogpost singing its praises? Well, a little research on any search engine will show that, with argan oil, all that matters is who you buy it from. Some sellers will water it down. You’re looking for the purest product.

It comes from the “fruit” (in this case, the “nut”) of the argan tree. Basically, this Moroccan tree has a yield, the yield is pressed for oil, and the oil is used either in cooking or an external capacity depending on how its packaged after harvest. That used for the skin or hair will usually have slightly expanded supplementation. That is to say: more “stuff”.

Certain scents or other nourishing compounds may be put into the argan oil you buy. But even if you’re able to simply get pure oil with no additives, you’ll find there are many healthy compounds that already naturally exist inside. Vitamin E, omega-3 fatty acids, and other natural compounds, and more are all in argan oil.

A Superfood That’s Stylish, Too

To be at your most healthy, you’ve got to take a strategic approach to self-care. Eat right, exercise regularly, feed your mind with things that are worth thinking about, and keep your skin healthy with natural compounds like argan oil. As an additional bonus, you can use this natural oil in your hair to style it in a way that won’t leave chemicals on your scalp.

There’s much to recommend argan oil, and though in some circles it’s been a beatification compound for centuries, it’s only now beginning to trend in the west. If you haven’t used it before, you might want to pick some up, give it a run, and see how it suits you. For the vast majority of people, this is going to be a very worthwhile move.

A Perfectly Formulated Skin Oil

Argan oil is a perfectly balanced compound for dermal flourish. The skin needs varying oils. Too many can clog it, two few can dry it, the right amount makes it retain its flexibility and health. Argan oil strikes the perfect balance between too much and too little nourishment. It’s considered a superfood for skin, and regardless of your complexion, it’s good for you.

Certainly, there are some individuals who may have an allergy; but they’re going to be a percentage of a percent. Argan oil will not clog pores, and it’s as easy to use as rubbing on yourself. The skin absorbs it very quickly. There are little atomizers, tinctures, and even lotions. It’s truly one of the best remedies for dry hands and is usable anywhere on the body.