Few Things to Know How to Stay Happy Forever

Self respect

The pursuit to happiness is a never ending phenomenon! There is no life which is completely satisfied and inclusive in all materialistic desires at the same time. Happiness is the state of mind which can be achieved by attaining measures and success in our goals- short term or long term. However “the goals” are chosen by none other but “YOU”.

Many a times in life we interpret that we can become happier if we could just live the life of that other person. We start blaming our situations for our present unhappy state without realizing the role that we only play in making the situation “unhappy”. We link our happiness to the worldly desires that never seem to be getting fulfilled. Such as career – even the president of the countries are not happy entirely– what can you think of a daily wager? Similarly, relationships- one yearns for “love” their whole life until they get married to the “love of their life” and even after that many of the love marriages end up in separations- why?  Self Respect– there is a thin marginal line that defines self respect to be different from ego- but are you always able to stay within your line?

Self respect

Our understanding of happiness is short sighted. Often we try to attain “something” or else to become happy. We forget that happiness is not a milestone to achieve- it is rather the journey itself. Its destination is none but the end of life- a life lived in most beautiful and joyous manner.

On reading the article by now- your quest to know the meaning of “happiness” in real sense must have increased! Here we want to enlist a few things that will help you to understand the realistic state of happiness and how can you maintain that state forever with you.

  1. Curb down the expectations from others:

One of the biggest problems of human life is that we expect a lot from others. Parents expect from their children and vice versa; teachers expect from their students and vice versa; boss expects from their employees!  So many expectations from others often lead to disappointments. Learn to accept and not expect. Expectation will only lead to a troublesome life and suffocative relationships. It is better that we try to understand the situations of the people around us before reacting to their actions. We must not hurt someone’s self respect by making them realise of how much they could not meet your expectations from the.

  1. Love yourself:

In our day to day life routines we often forget to love ourselves. Although we dress up, get ready nicely and meet people while trying to do things that we enjoy- yet we forget to love ourselves. How? If you remember how you felt shy of asking for help from others when you were in early teens- not only because you were shy- because you had great sense of “self respect” for you. It was the higher sense of self respect and worth that made you feel shy away from taking another round of ice cream in the community lunch!

Learn to love yourself. Take care and try to be more self worthy and self disciplined.

  1. Be grateful and seek pleasure in small things:

Often we meet people whom we help with all our might and when their purpose gets solved- they do not even care to turn back and say “thank you”. What may you feel about such people? Can they be really happy with their own life? No way! They must always be in a hurry to move from one situation to another without having time to enjoy the beautiful moments that destiny keeps on offering them from time to time. We need to thank the people around us for small favours they do to us. Also we need to thank our “God”, the Almighty or any kind of faith that we own- for making us capable of recognizing these joys. People may have a lot of wealth and money but everything is useless if they cannot smile from all their heart on seeing a child’s laughter! Learn to be grateful for what you have and find such things more often to give you reasons to be happy.