6 Birthday Gift Ideas for Your Best Friend!


Birthdays are a momentous occasion we all love to celebrate and make it special. The joy and the anticipation that rises with the countdown is just another feeling altogether. But the excitement is not just for one’s own birthday, the level of excitement increases by two folds when it is our best friend’s birthday. We find ourselves planning surprises a lot in advance just to make him or her feel special on that day. A lot of plotting and hiding begins days before the clock strikes the midnight. But we all get into a muddle when it comes to deciding one thing- Gifts. It is the toughest decision to make especially amidst the ‘she already has this’ to ‘will he like this’ or ‘will he or she use it’. Let’s simplify the game and draw you out from the perplexity. So pull yourself out of the boring ideas and to make your mind run creatively, here, we have a list of quirky yet different gift ideas you can bank on when the need of hour arrives.

1. Gift cards/ vouchers

It may be considered as the safest, but yet it is also the most viable option when the person on the other end is choosy. Everybody has a favourite place to shop and now with the ever booming internet shopping, a voucher is just a boon for someone who is looking to save some bucks. Since these vouchers also have a longer validity which in some cases is extendable it makes the perfect option at times when absolute cluelessness strikes. Another plus point of gifting cards or vouchers is to avoid the chances of your gift falling in the dislike box of the person. Also, trust that a subscription voucher to a Netflix or the likes of it never fails to please.

2. Musical instrument

Musical instruments usually make the best of the gifts. It is a nice way to drive someone to develop a hobby or maybe something that could turn up to something big. A casio, guitar or a violin is a go to if your friend is a music lover. But if he/she is not passionate about these Djembes or Ukaleles are also the best options. They are the quirkiest options to have a back of back at home. It especially comes to use to light up a group gathering with some jamming and singing. They wont ever be cornered into a space at home, even if they are, it will always be remembered at the next party when the party is going down and you want to lit it up by humming some songs with your friends.

3. Polaroid cameras

We all are a crazy about memories. Especially, with the advent of cell phones capturing memories have become so easy and right at just a click. But a lot of us are so done filling our memory cards with tons of pictures, that polaroids are now once again gaining a mark amongst the people. Be it a teenager or an adult, it is now nice and upbeat to capture the moment and get printed at another second. It is also a good way to use it as decorations in our rooms or just to put a memory up there.

4. Customized shirt/ caricature shirts

Nowadays, we all have a favourite show or a movie, a character -animated or fictional, or a quote or dialogue we swear by. If your best friend is someone who lives by the line ‘I am what I wear’ then don’t think twice to go with this category. A lot of readymade options are already available online or offline, in case it is not it is never too late to customize a shirt just the way your best friend will like it. Make him/her a Spiderman, Sherlock, it will definitely turn a lot of heads around. Another trendy option could be gifting a t-shirt with the persons or their favourite character’s caricature on the back.

5. Books, Graphic novels or CDS

There are two kinds of people in this world, one who at least loves reading and the other who at least loves watching. For both kinds this category is all hearts and stars. They are an option that can never go wrong with anyone. It will also keep them accompanied for a journey or times when they are indefinitely bored. To give it a personal touch you can also put your finger onto a book which may reflect your bond or a story that reminds you of him or her. And, if your best friend is someone who loves to keep a collection, you will definitely strike a smile on their face when they will see an addition.

6. Travel Tags/ Bookmarks

Just like black, a bit of a quirk can never go wrong. Funky and quirky stuff is always a yeah if you sit to think about birthdays. One of the reasons is that it also lingers a long lasting impression. You can also use it as a mean to express your emotion by making customized travel tags or bookmarks. Also, you can pick colors that reflect your friends personality. It will just add a bling to your travel packs and make it fun and stylish and helps to get rid off the mundane.

7. Pencil Sketches Gift

Turn your friend Instagram photo into an amazing Pencil Sketches. This is a unique & personalised gift for your friend in every occasion. A Pencil drawing is a memorable gift for everyone and it expresses the receiver that how much you care them. A pencil drawing is a gift that delights your dear one for the life time.

So strike a mix of quirk and emotion because friendships are the best gifts of our lives and one should never lose an opportunity to make their best friend feel loved and special. That is what birthdays are for. It is the best time to express your gratitude to them. So, just beat the usual chocolate and flowers and hover on these Best friend Birthday gift ideas to sum up your feelings for him or her in your own special way. A smile is what we always seek on the face of our loved ones and here we bring 6 different ways or tools to put a ear to ear jewel on them.