Travel to Gozo and Enjoy Its Healthy Lifestyle

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One of the dangers of living in the hi-tech world of the 21st century is that we can automate literally everything. It’s just too easy to get takeaway or delivery for dinner, and it’s easier yet to let that little robot vacuum keep vigil on our floors so we can lie back in the recliner to watch another episode of Downton Abbey. The sad truth is, there are things we can change in our lifestyle if we want to improve our health. Why not take a holiday on Gozo to enjoy its healthy lifestyle while bringing a few tips home in the process? Inspired by life in Gozo, you can keep your newfound habits alive until your next holiday when you’ll surely want a return trip.

Out with the Old – In with the New

For those who would like to begin making major changes in their toxic lifestyle, there is an amazing health retreat in Gozo, Amchara Health Retreat. Here, you can begin to drop unhealthy habits while learning new ways to accomplish those healthy goals you’ve set for yourself. Whether you are looking to lose weight, eat healthier foods, exercise more, or simply let go of the stress that’s eating you alive, Gozo’s health retreat, Amchara, is famed for getting results. This may be a place to start, but you will certainly want to take an extended holiday on Gozo because the lifestyle here is among the healthiest in the world.

Why Life in Gozo Is Considered Healthy

One of the things you’ll find lacking in Gozo is automobiles! With narrow streets and alleys in most villages, it’s easier simply to bike or walk. If you have reached a point where long walks are too exerting, stroll the alleys by foot and then hop aboard a horse-drawn carriage in Victoria, to see the sights and rest up a bit before your next stroll down the beach.

Walking is a way of life in Gozo, although there are cars on the island. You will notice that in cities and villages that cater to tourists, there will be cars for hire, but the locals almost always walk or bike about. Many artisans still do things in the traditional way handed down to them through countless generations, which means no technology is involved. It’s a manual labour of love.

Also, you will notice that this Mediterranean paradise uses olive oil and not the unhealthy vegetable oils used in many countries. Olive oil is known to be healthier for your cardiovascular system and although Gozo locals do eat locally produced cheeses, you will find that they eat few processed foods. Most food on Gozo is locally sourced and prepared, so you can expect few chemical preservatives and flavour enhancers.

Activities to Inspire a Healthier Lifestyle

Since the island of Gozo is so small, approximately four miles across by nine miles in length, you can easily get from one side of the island to the next by car in a matter of minutes. The locals, as mentioned, usually walk or ride their bikes, which should inspire you to do the same. If you want real inspiration, hike up to a hilltop and walk along the plateau to view a magnificent view of the sea. Many holidaymakers take a trip to the Cittadella for just this reason, although it’s nice to see a bit of history up close and personal.

Swimming and diving off the coast of Gozo is an inspiration as well. Swimming enables you to use muscles you never knew you had, but if you want a real treat, take a short diving course. Go beneath the surface close to the shore to explore the caves, reefs, and caverns. Perhaps you’ll see a seahorse or two in your journey under water. However, if you aren’t a great swimmer, you may want to limit your time in the water to wading along the shore.

There is nothing as relaxing as the warm Mediterranean sun, some of the world’s most amazing landscapes, and rock formations like no others on earth. Whether you’re seeking health of body, mind or spirit, visit Gozo to enjoy a healthy lifestyle this holiday and many yet to come.

What makes Gozo special?


Gozo is a small island in the Mediterranean, easy to travel to from almost all over the world. You will find here everything what you need for a perfect short trip or an entire holiday stay through all 4 seasons. This island is so special, because it offers so much on such little space, it connects Occident with Orient, and due to its strong history. Nonetheless Gozo seems like an island full with villages, but still open to foreign influences, which makes it worth a visit.