Things Women Should Carry in Their Purse

Carry in Their Purse

A wallet, a clutch or a handbag is an ultimate necessity for every woman, which is why there are essential things women should carry in their purse. Apart from the usual sanitary items and beauty products, there are much more important things that you need to carry in your bag. First of all, you need to have things that could make your life more organized and prepared.

Preaching that idea of putting only makeup in your purse is not cool, which is why we decided to do something different this time by focusing on the much more life essentials that women should carry in their purse.


In the busy world of technology, we create contacts instantly by chatting a little here and there. If you are a business lady, you might need to have a cardholder in your bag. This thing will not only keep your business cards ready but also other important cards like debit cards, id cards, hospital card or any other important ones.

Hand Sanitizer

If you are a super hygienic person then keeping a hand sanitizer is a must. You never know when you will need to grab a bite or get a misfortune of touching something that is not clean. It is a quick excess to something that will clean your hands and kill the bacteria at the same time.


We suggest that you should carry a bag big enough to hold a couple of small pouches. This does not mean that you should get a gigantic traveling bag. However, there are purses with multiple compartments, so you can place small pouches in them. Designate one pouch for makeup, one for sanitary items, and one for healthy snacks like peanuts, almonds, etc.


Apart from keeping a hand sanitizer, tissues are another thing that is an ultimate necessity for all. You need tissues to clean your sweaty forehead, smudged lipsticks and your mouth when you are done eating. Make sure you have a little pack inside your purse whenever you go out.

Another essentials that we think you should definitely carry inside your bag is a portable charger for your mobile phone and other necessary things like safety pins, band-aids, a little notebook and a pen.

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