Living With Anxiety Infographic


Anxiety plagues an increasing number of us every year. Whether this is as a result of increased diagnoses, increased acceptance of conversations about mental health, or people living more stressful and demanding lives, is unclear. Anxiety is diverse in nature and in symptoms, and can effect each individual in so many different ways.

This often means that it is difficult to determine a cause, or recommend any form of treatment or recovery process. In many cases it can require a shift in lifestyle, and increased understanding of what triggers feelings of anxiety within each individual, as it is highly subjective.

This infographic outlines the prevalence of anxiety in the UK, and looks at how anxiety can impact the body in multiple ways which many people might not be aware of. We have also included some guidelines for ways to lessen feelings of anxiety in the every day, as some small actions and changes can help you come out from the shadow of anxiety and live your life to the full.

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This infographic was put together by Ann Heathcote of The Worsley Centre. Ann enjoys writing about all things relating to mental health as well as general wider health issues. When she’s not writing she likes to unwind with a good book or with long walks in the countryside.