Tips To Make Your Kitchen Feel More Christmassy

Christmas Decorating Ideas

Christmas is coming and you want all your rooms to have a festive spirit? Everyone puts lots of efforts to make our home beautiful but we forget our one room in this mess – Kitchen. Kitchen is a one of the most important room in our home especially in the festival time. It’s a place where families prepare a food or dessert for the Christmas.

You should read this article to find out how to make your kitchen Christmassy without baking or cooking anything in it to smell good!

Christmas Wreath

The most important messenger of Christmas is an Advent wreath. The kitchen table is the perfect place to keep it as a symbol of waiting for Christmas and family gathering. To light a candle every Sunday for four weeks before Christmas can be a ritual that brings joy and community in the family. Also, a monumental Christmas wreath is an excellent decoration on its own and there are millions of ideas on how to make it.

Decorate Windows

Window decoration is a very easy way to bring a festive spirit that can be seen from the outside. This can also encourage your neighbours to decorate their houses and brings joy to the whole community. Use self-stick motives and pictures to make a story or fake snow to have a real winter look outside the window. Be sure that you use items that can be washed easily and leave no marks on the glass.

Decorate Cabins

Cabins are rather large surfaces that can be easily decorated and contribute to a Christmassy atmosphere in the kitchen. Be sure to choose the appropriate decorations to have a completed look. If you have hands, you can hang some shiny decorations from it. Also, you can use self-stick decorations that don’t need to be glued and leave no marks. Be very careful and observant when decorating cabins not to make permanent damage.

Use Christmas Candles

Candles are calming and effective Christmas decoration, so use them as much as you can. Play with different colours and place them on every free surface you have. You don’t need to use them at all, but they will provide a great atmosphere when hosting dinner. Also, pick some scented candles with typical Christmas smell like orange or pine to have a nice smell while it is burning. Be sure to light them off after using to prevent burning or dangerous situations.

Use Christmas Smell

It is easy to have a Christmas smell without actually baking cookies, but how? Of course, you can buy artificial air sprays, but they don’t last long and can be very aggressive at the first. If you want a constant and natural solution, use a cinnamon stick and dry oranges like the air fresheners. It is a very cheap solution with a constant and pleasant smell that reminds you of Christmas…

Decorate Table And Dishes

You can bring Christmas spirit on your plates and table by decorating dishes. It can be impossible to do it every day, but try to do it for a Sunday lunch. Use festive candies and incorporate them into desserts. Also, you can add colours like green and red in the main course to make it look festive. Do some recipes inspired by Christmas not to enjoy it only on Christmas day, but even before. use accessories with Christmas details for eating and drinking, like Christmas mugs and festive plates and it will upgrade your table decoration. Place some themed decoration in the centre and it will be monumental for the whole kitchen. If you have a small kitchen and struggle to place all accessories, keep it boxed in storage space and then replace when you want to show it and it is appropriate time for them to shine.

Use Pine Lamps For Atmosphere

Pine lamps with smooth light can make an excellent and romantic atmosphere and serve as a decoration, too. Hang them from the window to decorate the house for the outside or place them instead of a ceiling lamp.  You can choose a different colour of the speed of blinking to set the right mood.

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