Top 5 Style Essentials Fit for a Businessman


There’s a reason why the saying Clothes make the man is a popular saying. It may not seem fair, but when you want to be a businessman and acknowledged as such, you really have to look the part as well. That doesn’t mean you have to bid farewell to your own sense of style or spend an arm and a leg on your apparel. But it does mean you should pay a bit more attention to certain essentials that perfectly fit the businessman’s image.

1. Tailored Suit Is a Must

Let’s start with the most expensive item on the list – the perfect suit. As a businessman, it’s crucial that you own at least one well-fitted and good-quality suit. If it’s possible to invest in this particular essential, do so by ordering a tailored suit that’s made-to-measure. In case that’s not something you feel is worth the splurge, make sure that you find a brand that carries suit cuts and designs that match your particular figure the best. Color-wise, if you can’t decide, always go with black. But gray and navy also work.

2. Several Dress Shirts and Pants

While you may as well get away with owning just one full suit, you probably wear dress shirts and smart pants almost every single day. Therefore, it’s only natural to have more of these so that you can rotate them. At least three of each is a good number. When buying smart pants, keep in mind that they should fit you nicely and ideally match with all of your shirts and jackets. When dress shirts are concerned, it’s always a good idea to have at least one plain white. You can choose pastel colors and patterns such as stripes for other ones to add more personality to your look without breaking the businessman character.

3. Elegant Accessories Go a Long Way

While it’s true that you don’t have a lot of room for expressing your personality and fashion taste when going for a professional business look, the right accessories can easily remedy that. After all, businessmen at heart always pay attention to little details. That said, you honestly can’t go wrong with a sleek leather cardholder wallet that will keep all your necessities neat and visible. Furthermore, every businessman has to keep track of time, which is why an elegant watch is a must. This is where you can allow yourself more creative freedom. In the end, if you’re someone who enjoys a bit more bling, consider elegant and luxe-looking tie pins and/or cufflinks.

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4. The Right Shoes Will Take You Far

To complete your perfect businessman look, you should carefully choose your footwear as well. In general, you can get away with two different pairs of shoes: dress shoes and a pair for every day. When dress shoes are concerned, it’s best to go with the perfect blend of comfort and quality; Oxford’s are a simple go-to option if you’re looking for suggestions. When it comes to your daily wear shoes, you can go with penny loafers or brogues, whatever you prefer. Black and brown are the easy choices for color, but ultimately, make sure to go with one that best matches your suits and pants.

5. The More Ties, the Better

While keeping things minimal is often a positive trait of businessmen, there’s one thing that you can never have too many of – ties. Not only are these an ideal solution for adding more personality to your look, but they also allow you to get away with wearing the same shirt or suit for days and still manage to look different and put together just by changing a tie. And if you want to make an extra effort, try matching your tie and socks.

Style essentials for businessmen are pretty straightforward. Wherever possible, always go with quality over quantity. Simple, classic, and timeless are adjectives to look for in shoes and clothes, whereas accessories and ties can be a way to express yourself more.