Top 10 Famous Biryani Shop in New Delhi

Biryani Shop

Biryani is without a doubt the best choice for healthy cuisine. Give us a break, it has both protein and carbohydrates. When we are away from home, a large bowl of rice and raita makes us feel at home.  We owe the Muslim community a debt of gratitude for many things, including Ghalib’s Urdu and the Eid Sewai, but Biryani tops the list. Everybody has their own interpretation of the dish, which has become a staple of Delhi’s daily diet throughout the years. From elegant to street, let’s see some of Delhi’s greatest Biryani restaurants.

Biryani By the Kilo

Isn’t all you need to know contained in the name? They literately send Biryani by the kilo to your door! Additionally, it is presented in a Handi that is dough-sealed and comes with a candle that you may light to warm the Handi before serving. In the Delhi NCR, Dum Biryani has been redefined.

 Kolkata Biryani House

It is our responsibility as devoted citizens of Delhi’s mini Bengal to let the outside world via its magnificent gates. Bengali Biryani is an entirely different ballgame. Since Bengalis are known for being obsessed with rice, anticipate a huge serving. Your forks will easily cut through both meat and potatoes as you dig into the mountain of rice! A pleasant surprise for aloo fans like us.


Here, you can channel your inner Punjabi while enjoying delicious biryani and ridiculously low alcohol prices. If you can finish the first one in 15 minutes, they will also give you a free beer tower. Due to its proximity to the IIT gate, this area is also very popular with students. You should try their shorba (tomato and kadak murga) and other salads as side dishes.

Behrouz Biryani

Behrouz Biryani is satiating Dilliwallas’ appetites like no other, with more than 30 locations throughout Delhi and the National Capital Region. This is one of the places for biryani on our list that you should definitely check out, despite their small menu. Try their paneer biryani if you’re a vegetarian.

Biryani Blues

With over 21 locations around Delhi NCR, the brand Biryani Blues is quickly taking over the city. They provide traditional biryani dishes such vegetarian, chicken and mutton, as well as biryani handis and more recent varieties like soy, paneer, Kheema, and Chicken 65 biryani. We adore Biryani Blues for its quick delivery and generous serving sizes that can feed two people.

Babu Shahi Bawarchi

To try this Biryani, people come from all over the city. Mutton and chicken are equally popular. This royal roadside kiosk, one of the best for biryani, is not for the faint of heart or, should I say, cholesterol conscience. Even if Shahi cooks have a propensity to overdo things, the food is always of kingly quality.


This Jama Masjid neighborhood favorite has been there for more than a century. Chicken meals, Old Delhi, and Karim’s all go together. When discussing something as regal as a biryani, one cannot simply disregard Karim’s.

Biryani Art

They have a big menu from which to pick. You have a whopping 12 different varieties of Hyderabadi biryani to choose from at Biryani Art. Even family packs are available, allowing the entire family to enjoy the flavours together. Enjoy some delectable tandoori starters including tandoori chicken, tandoori paneer, and mushroom tikka as you wait for their biryani.

Bikkgane Biryani

It provides a comfortable atmosphere where you and your friends may linger around and leisurely eat biryani. They offer a tremendous quantity of food at a price that is also quite fair. Additionally, they prepare Chinese cuisine, such as manchurian, chili panner, honey chili potato, etc.

Delhi 6

They have helped Pakistani Biryani achieve a lot of reputation. Wherever you are, they deliver right to your doorstep from Delhi 6’s lap of goodness. Remember that they want a 24-hour prior notice, but it is worth it!

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